To veil or not to veil .... See dress


I am a 2nd time bride - so registry office wedding, would you guys put a veil with my dress? X


  • I think it's wholly up to you and how you feel comfortable. Is the back all covered with the lace? If so, i'd be tempted not to wear a veil else it would hide all the detail xx

  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    I think no veil. Maybe a piece of head jewellery instead depending on how you have your hair. 

    If you do decide on a veil it needs to be very simple so it doesn't take away from the beautiful detailing in the dress.

  • p1ngup1ngu Posts: 18

    I think no veil :)

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I'm also voting no veil, but with no regard to the fact this is a second marriage and a registry office marriage. I would go with a pretty sparkly hairslide/ clip, headband, or something of the like only because of the very large amount of detailing in the upper regions of the dress. Especially with the detailed sleeves, I personally would feel like there's too much going on.

    But if you feel like wearing a veil makes you a "proper" bride, do go for it. There are plenty of simple veils that would look just beautiful with this dress. There is a perfect veil for every dress.

  • Julia49Julia49 Posts: 25

    I'm a second time bride and it wasn't till I put a veil on that I felt like a bride - so I guess what I'm saying is try one on and see how you feel xxx

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