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Wedding dress tight across check/back, suggestions?

Hi ladies,

I collected my wedding dress 2 weeks ago. The sample was a perfect fit in the shop. I got exactly the same size but bought a custom length version to avoid massive alteration costs. 
The dress is really tight across my chest & back. They mesured me also to check correct size so I don't know what's happened. If anything if lost weight and can't afford to loose another lb or I'll look awful. 

Can sample sizes seem bigger due to being stretched from trying on? I've read this somewhere.The dress shop said its a good fit but I'm terrified burst a seam or the zip if I move much on the day. It's lace with a keyhole back and zip. 

I've also heard some brides say their dress slackened over the day. Not sure if that's because they are tie back. 

Any advice or people who have had a similar problem, I would love to hear from. I'm Contemplating taking it to a dressmaker see if it can be let out As the shop do not do their own alterations. The wedding is in 14 weeks. 



  • Leanne95Leanne95 Posts: 5

    Sorry should say chest & back. Can't work out how to edit the title. 

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    I'm not sure if a sample may be looser, sometimes they just get cut ever so slightly smaller.

    I too have the problem with it being too tight and I had a crease of "back fat" when I tried mine on a few weeks ago!!  I have lost 5pounds in a month and can afford to lose more definitely but if you wouldn't be happier losing any more weight or if I don't lose mine I am going to take it to a seamstress.

    I am not sure how long to leave it but I am going to allow at least 6 weeks for alterations as you will need to go twice I would have thought. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I feel for you xx

  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    I was also told that sample dresses are bigger because they have been tried on so many times. But if they took your measurements they should have ordered the correct size. Could it be down to the bra you tried it on with? Maybe speak to a dressmaker and see what they say. Hopefully they can solve the issue for you! 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I also have this line!...but mine hasn't been altered. My lady said it is because it is a little tight round my hips so I am getting a stretch line. She made it clear that it shouldn't be like that and they would alter it and it would not be there. Definitely go to a dressmaker and get it corrected. Re. the chest, it doesn't look bad but if it is uncomfy just get it let out a cm or two. Most dresses have a couple of inches to play with when it comes to letting them out. 

  • kcarusokcaruso Posts: 170

    that same thing happened to me when I was getting married! I had to get the dress altered as it was too big. Then it came back being too tight- they obviously claimed that I've put on weight- which I haven't! On contraire! I lost weight! So I dont know what happened there.

    Anyway I didn't want to loose any more weight and what truly saved me was: AB CIRCLE PRO! 

    i don't normally exercise or work out but that thing worked magic - as it mainly targets your upper area- and although it doesnt make you loose weight it tones it beautifully!

    needless to say my wedding dress was perfect fot on the day :)

  • Leanne95Leanne95 Posts: 5


    Thanks ladies, glad I'm not alone in worrying about this.

    This is how my dress is at the back and with it being tight I've a line too :(. I got a bra made into it so maybe that is accounting for it being tighter. 

    Waiting for My dressmaker to reply to my email. I think she may be closed due to Easter holidays just now. I've an appt the end of May but going to ask she sees me ASAP. My dress is currently at mum mums so no idea how much material we have to play with To let it out. 

  • Leanne95Leanne95 Posts: 5

    Oh I'll look into that then. I'm into keeping fit. Currently do something called powerhooping which has toned my waste in nicely. I'll give anything a go!

  • HiImMrsM2bHiImMrsM2b Posts: 160 New bride

    It makes sense if there's a bra built into it - if they used the same measurements to make the dress the bra may be the cause of the tightness. Hope it gets sorted for you! :)

  • Olivia888Olivia888 Posts: 13

    I have the same problem. Picked my dress up last week and its so tight it feels hard to breathe and almost impossible to sit down. I am naturally very slim and was already worried about looking too 'skinny' in my wedding dress, so losing even a bit of weight just isn't an option for me. I was hoping to be able to try and put on weight for my wedding (unusual I know lol)

    No idea how I am going to sit down, or eat or do anything really on my wedding day in my dress. My dress needs taken up so when I get to the dressmaker I will see what she can do!! Stressing about it, I have nightmares about my zip giving way and my dress bursting open on my wedding day ahhh!!

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    Oh gosh Victoria139 I am worrying about the same thing with the dress popping open!

  • Leanne95Leanne95 Posts: 5

    That's one of my main concerns the fear of it bursting open. I have two children one of whom it just about to turn 2 so I know for certain I won't be able to pick her up with the dress so tight. X

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