I had never planned to wear a veil on my wedding day next summer. That was, until of cause, I tried one on! I mean, how many days do you get to wear one! 

i am still not 100% sure I want one & I have been looking online as the bridal shop are asking almost £100 for them... the thing is... I have no is a what I'm looking for! The lengths all seem complicated... Crystal? Edging??



  • Melissa45Melissa45 Posts: 465 New bride

    I felt exactly the same so I know your pain! I was dead set against it until I saw my friend try hers on with her dress then I had to have one! 

    What is your dress like as that should help narrow down what will work X 

  • NomesNomes Posts: 13

    It's (ivory I think) a lace fishtail dress with cap sleeves and a sheer panel at the back. 

    i had always intended to wear my hair down but my bridesmaid thinks I should pin it in a low bun and have the veil coming from there... 

  • lola3lola3 Posts: 350 New bride

    I was exactky the same I was really against them, until I tried s long cathedral length one on and must admit it looked stunning even without my dress on!! 

  • Melissa45Melissa45 Posts: 465 New bride

    I also have a lace fishtail and found that I looked best with a plain ivory veil with a delicate Satin edge border. As I'm short I also went with a 54cm veil so it didn't drown me. I would have loved something more blingy but thy didn't suit me. I also though I wanted a single tier but loved the double as it gave it more volume! 

    i would suggest trying a load on in the store then asking for the make and design number. Mine is richard designs and you can buy them online on the website cheaper than you can in bridal stores (although I only found this once I had already purchased mine!!) 

  • Maria60Maria60 Posts: 113

    I think you may find your veil in this shop on Etsy: Here you can get an advice from professional designer and she will make your veil for you, in accordance with your dress and accessorises)

  • MrsK2016MrsK2016 Posts: 260

    I had a cathedral length veil and loved it... It really made me feel a bit more bridal but I know that everyone's opinion is different.

    I'd suggest trying as many as you can on with your dress to get an idea of the length that feels right for you (cathedrals can take a bit of effort to swish around in all day).

    Once you know the length, move onto the next thing.. do you want a blusher (the bit that goes over your face) or not... 

    Then what do you want it to look like... lace, crystal etc.

    Just take it in stages until you find the one you feel comfortable in (if you decide to have one at all) 

    Good luck xx

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,653 New bride

    I was the same to start with. Then my hair lady told me I need to have all hair accessories/veil for my hair trial. Cue me frantically panicking that I haven't got a clue what kind of veil I want. 

    I knew I didnt want to spend more than £100 and most bridal stores are £100 upwards. After looking at lots of veils onlone, I started to narrow it down to what I didnt want. I have a lace dress so lace on the veil was a no, I didn't want edging in case the colour didn't match my dress and didn't want anything stiff looking. I also didn't want a really long veil but also didn't want something really short. So that left shoulder/fingertip length either plain or with a bit of sparkle. Once I started narrowing down what I didn't want, it made it easier to find something I did like.

    Mine's from Etsy for £50. I'm really happy with it.

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