Hair & makeup in hot weather

Hi Taramor,


I think you will need a professional because of to high temperature and you will get wet, for this reason your face will be glow on the pictures so you must be careful, July is the most hotest weather in Santorini with so many white and reflection on you.

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  • MissJxMissJx Posts: 66

    Hi there


    im getting married in 6 weeks in Tuscany and the weather should be pretty warm too!

    We are having a 4pm ceremony but will probably have my make up on for around 3pm.

    I am using the Nars luminous weightless foundation as it doesn't contain any spf, which is what cause the White ghost look and flashback in photography. I tested it out this weekend in the heat and went shopping for some considerable time. It held up pretty well!

    id suggest getting a few samples to test if you are doing your make up yourself. If not, perhaps ask your make up artist what they intend to use?

    just as a recommendation I've also invested in the urban decay eyeshadow primer. it keeps the shadow so well in place I struggled to get it off with my usual make up remover! I'd really recommend this as a base for your eyeshadow as it prevents that creased greasy shiny look that you normally get after a couple of hours wear!


    i hope this helps!

  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    hi, you can use curly hair and make it like bun.

    and use tiara, you can find it on wallao or twigsandhoney

  • CR1689CR1689 Posts: 378

    I would recommend Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. I used it for my wedding and it was brilliant. I wasn't in the heat of santorini but it was last weekend and the sun was shining all day... All my maids used it as well and we would all thought it was brilliant!! 

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