Anyone hired or hiring a photobooth?

I originally thought about setting up a bit of a DIY instant photobooth with a polaroid camera but thought it might be easier, and possibly a bit more impressive, to hire a photobooth for the evening reception that would print out the photos instantly. Also, since they are discontinuing the film it seems to be fairly expensive, even on ebay.

I've done a search on google and come up with a few companies Boothbox ( who offer more of a passport style booth, and one called Say Fromage which looks like it might be cheaper ( Does anyone have any experience with any of these, or are able to recommend another company? Also, how much am I looking at?

I just think it would be such a nice idea, we could have a fancy dress box too and a chalk board for people to write their messages on.


  • my cousin had one at her wedding and it was great. not sure how much they are though and also not sure if you will get a copy of the pictures because if you do then i might get one x
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    I'm going to have a section of the garden with a stool, dressing up box and white background as a photobooth and have friends "man" it (might even take a turn myself! and then email out the photos afterwards- it would be too expensive to have polaroids and I think in this digital age everyone can cope with digital copies!

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    I would love to have one of these at my wedding reception. I recently went to a wedding fair in Manchester and they were quoting £800. go there and then and they looked so professional (the photos and machine!). You hired them for a standard 4 hours and the price included someone to set up and manage the photo process. The best bit for me was that not ony did your guests get to take home a copy of 'their' photo, as the bride and groom you got a copy. This photo was then collated into a guestbook and guests signed it as they left the booth. The fee was set and it was for unlimited photos.

    The only reason I am hesitating on this is that because I am in Scotland they wanted an additional fee for travel expenses (which is totally understandable).

    Where abouts in the country are you?

  • I'm in London, which is where the two companies above are based so shouldn't be too much worry about travel expenses.

    The companies whose websites I've looked at provide a print out of each photo session as part of the cost and also create an online gallery for guests to look at later. One can even project the images onto a wall as they are taken which might be fun, but I don't think i'd go for that option.

    I suppose, since I'm at work and it is fairly quiet, that I might email some of them and get some quotes.
  • wow i love this idea.... if you hear back from them would you please let me know roughly how much it costs? x
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    My photographer does this as an inclusive part of the package - the 'photo booth' is a black background with a camera set up and the guests click the button (which I think is at the end of a wire so they can sit or stand or whatever and just hold it and click when ready). You can see examples on .
  • Hi ellieaness

    We had a photo booth for our wedding just over a week ago and it went down a treat. We used rentabooth and they were great. The owner has a real passion for photography and his team were really good at getting people in and using it (although they didn't need a huge amount of encouragement to be fair). Guests got two sets of their photos - one set of which went into the guestbook they supplied, and they wrote a message, and they could take the other set home. The company also supplied a big box of props, and they were well used. Our guests loved it and I would totally recommend it. One thing I would say is it's worth the money if you actually hire someone than do a DIY job, then you don't have to worry about maintaining it, making sure it doesn't break down, helping people to use it etc. It's just one less thing to worry about.

    Other companies that were really helpful when I was making my initial enquiries were booth box, funkyphotobooth, the photobooth company and snappabox.

    Prices I think depend on where you are, how far they have to travel and how long they need to stay. Some do unlimited photos and others have a limit, so definitely worthwhile checking when you ask for a quote.

    Hope this helps!
  • That sounds good, I'll get in contact with rentabooth too. Can I ask how much it cost?

    Say fromage got back to me and quoted me £350 for the booth, a cd with all images, an online gallery and 100 print outs, which I think is all we would need. That sounds like quite a good price but there set up isn't like a 'proper' booth.
  • I absolutely love this idea, i never would have thought of it if i hadnt of gone on this site (thats the great thing about it!).

    Ideally i would like a manned booth with a dressing up box but also someone to take a few group shots or an area big enough to take them. Does anyone have any feedback or recommendations for the South West area?
  • Hiya

    just wanted to add my 2p. My friend at work had one of these at her wedding, and said they were so worth the money, the photos were fantastic and everyone loved using them. there are 4 of us in our office, and 2 of us are getting married this year and she's said to us that is the one thing she really really recommends, even if it means you have to forgo something else! she went through rentabooth and in fact there are some photos of her and her husband on the site.
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    oooh, im using rentabooth, so im glad you liked them maisiedot! Are your pics on their blog?!!
  • Hello, sorry for replying and then disappearing. Yes we are on the blog - first post of 2009 !! We're trying to look dignified in antlers...
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    Hi All,

    My friend hired one from Legend Events, they did an excellent job and the booth was really in keeping with her venue. The photos with the supplied "Props Box" gave us all much amusement on the night and the digital versions have been emailed far and wide!

    Have booked them for my wedding next year with as many photos on the night as we can take for £500.

    They can be found at


  • Hi

    We hired one through our photographer and it is by far the best wedding decision you will make! It was sooooo much fun for us and the guests too! We had the booth plus a table with a guest book, pens, scissors and glue so everyone could cut out the photos and stick them in with the message. The book is one of my favourite post-wedding things to look at as it still cracks me up now! Ours was hired through James Anderson of Star Pictures (fabulous photographer) who can also be found at He is genuinely a complete star and it is the best money you can spend on your reception! It prints 2 copies of really good quality photos so your guests get one and they can put one in your book. We are Jen and Midge on 3 January if you want to see ours! Good luck!
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    Love the pics!! We're having one, and can';t wait. We're currently trying to cut back costs, but the fotobooth is definitely staying - will definitely be worth every penny!
  • I saw SnappaBox photo booth at a friends party last month. They have a really well designed photo booth with a screen inside so you can see your poses as the photos are taken. The SnappaBox photo booth was big enough for about 4 people. They had a great dressing up box and also made up photo key rings from some of the photos. I have booked them for my wedding later this year - with their guestbook option. Having had a look around, they are good value (not the cheapest) but I think their photo booth is just right for my wedding.
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    hi, what time did the aarive and leave??
  • i got a quote from and was £375. this company is based in scotland
  • has anyone got any quotes for the north east? the cheapest i have found so far is £575 but am still looking image

  • Hi all

    My friend had a photobooth at her wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun - I am def booking one for mine.

    She used GroovyBooth

    They were very professional the booth was immaculate and they had additional items such as hats wigs etc.

    It was so much fun!


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    I hired a booth from Limelight Photo Booth Hire and I have to say it was fab - we had around 100 guests at our night do and we were on an umlimited package so plenty of piccies were taken.

    Not sure on other booths but our one had an easy to use touch screen (my grandad used it) and the photos came out instantly

    they capped each 'session' to five people at a time but we asked nicely to get the entire bridal party (8!) in one shot and they were fine with that

    very reasonable rate @ £450 for 3 hours image
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    we're hiring one from funkyphotobooth - £475 for 3 hours and you get multiple copies of the photo (one for each person in the picture and one for the album) plus online gallery and all images on CD

    A friend got one from same company for her wedding last year and it was amazing! It's an actual booth too
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    I was thinking about one of these. But I've got a good professional digital camera a canon eos 450d and I was thinking of setting it up and having a prop box etc I have a remote to it aswell so they can click when they are ready and thougt i could buy one of these printers that print out straight away. Does that sound ok? Or should I just spend the money?

    Steph xx
  • I think that set up sounds like a great alternative Steph, you'll still have the quality, it will still be easy to do but it will be a lot cheaper, if you have the money then maybe a professional photobooth would have that little something extra, plus you wouldn't have to worry about it, but I know I can afford a professional one and your set up sounds ideal to me, now to find me a friend who will let me borrow their professional camera...
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    Bath leisure photo booth are doing really good deals at the mo starting at 250 quid. The machine is great, you get printed copies of the photos and they can also be saved to USB and uploaded straight to Facebook, so no need to worry if some get mislaid on the day. The machine also has video messaging, so guests can leave messages which get funnier and more incomprehensible as the day goes on! I would definitely recommend getting a photo booth, it will be the talking point for many months after.
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    Check out my sister used this company for her wedding. They were amazing and also provided video messaging as part of their service and also a customized backdrop to their photos. They also provided an album inscribed with a personal message to hold all the pictures. They can work with any budget as she found out when she called them!
  • Photo booths are great fun at Weddings capture in the fun and atmosphere. your guest will really enjoy the prop box full of fun glasses, wigs and speech bubbles. We at JSENT offer a fully customised photo layout so we can match you invitation and wedding stationary but I think the best bit is your guest get to take away a copy and you have a photo album full of fun memories!

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    I found our wonderful photo booth hire through a photo booth comparison website called

    The website is new, and you can compare all the photo booth companies that cover your area!

    Really easy to use. :-)

  • Amanda147 wrote (see post):

    I found our wonderful photo booth hire through a photo booth comparison website called

    The website is new, and you can compare all the photo booth companies that cover your area!

    Really easy to use. :-)


    Good shout Amanda - i'll definitely be taking a look at that site and getting ourselves listed, in the mean time if anyone needs a photobooth in the Bristol or surrouding area's check us out @ or on facebook&twitter.


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    We provide cheap photobooth hire starting from £199!

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