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Volunteers for interviews as part of research project

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist and I am carrying out a study/ research project into mothers' experience of their daughter's or son's wedding and the period leading up to it. Are there mothers of brides and grooms out there who may be interested to be interviewed about their experience? If you live in the south of England and would like to know more about the project ,please contact me on [email protected]


  • Kate191Kate191 Posts: 2

    Are you still doing this research please?

  • Annette20Annette20 Posts: 2 New bride

    Dear Kate,

    yes I am still conducting the interviews for this research. Would you be interested?

    I am literally today going away for a holiday and won't be back before mid June, but should have internet access. 

    If you are interested , I can explain a bit more what would be involved an d perhaps we could find a time to speak directly.


    best wishes





  • Are you still researching this project Annette? I have a son and daughter getting married this year. I live in West Sussex.

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