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I know this will sound like a bridezilla tantrum but I'm seriously annoyed with Mum.  I recently went dress shopping and found my dress, my friends knew not to take photos apart from on my phone so I can show florist/hair & make up the style.  Mum desperately wanted to take pictures - I said OK but she wasn't to show anyone and she took loads.  Today I've found out she's shown all and sundry the pictures - the dress obviously isn't fitted to me and my hair is just scraped up, so I am hopping mad with her!!!!! I know she's proud and she's been waiting a long time to see me in a wedding dress but I am fuming as I specifically asked and trusted her not to do this, grrrrrr!!!! 


  • Don't think it sounds bridezillaish at all... I think the first time guests see the bride walking up the aisle is as special because of the anticipation of the dress; and now she has robbed you of that moment. However, "no use crying over spilt milk" - so pull your big girl panties up and enjoy the rest of your planning. I have learnt in life to not allow people the satisfaction of stealing my thunder and robbing my joy! So just have a word with mum, and let go and let God, and remember, you're gonna rock the heck outta that dress on your big day regardless of who's had a sneak preview xxx

  • Marija2Marija2 Posts: 362

    My mom did pretty much the same thing! My family lives in another country and we have a joint chat where we talk random stuff all the time.  I sent my mom separate private message (which in my mind was obvious what it meant) with me trying on my dress.. Her reply was: 'We love it but your brother finds it really weird to see you iN your wedding dress'.. Oh dear mom.... I really wanted it to be a surprise for my dad, so I was a bit upset, but what's done is done... I know she didn't mean any harm... 

    My way to calm myself down was the fact that they won't remember it! for many reason..

    1. Wedding is not tomorrow

    2. People have lives and their own stuff to deal with, so let's be honest your dress is not the priority.. 

    3. Final dress (fitting properly and all) will look different!

    4. Pictures on the phone do not show all the beauty of it.

    5. It will look different once tou have your hair and make up done...


    yes, they have seen it, and they will know the shape you went for, but it will be completely different when they see it in real! So relax... and maybe ask tour mom to delete the photos ;))

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    Grrr....yes I would be upset, my daughter is the only person..( although some of you have had a preview on here!) of my dress...I really thought she would spill the beans, but of anything she has kept more quiet than me!..



  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

     I agree with everyone else ... When the day comes your dress will be perfectLy  fitted and with all your accessories and hair and makeup done it will look different!

     Men in my experience would have no idea what it looked like on a photo...some can't remember the dress from the day before!..they would probably get the colour right!

    i asked a friend what a dress had looked like from a wedding he had attended the day before..."it was white, don't think it had sleeves....errr was a weddingy dress, she looked ok" ...actually she looked stunning it was ivory and had lace sleeves! Very observant Mr ! 

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Silly Mum!  It could be worse though....

    My H2B accidentally saw a picture of me in my dress (rear view) when I was taking pictures of him on my phone trying on new glasses.  He was flicking through the pics then said "Oh, I dont think I should have seen that one".

    Grrrrr, but what can I do?

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