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Has anyone got any recommendations for a good DJ in Glasgow?

I had initially wanted a band but I don't fancy selling a kidney to afford it. 

I've read good reviews for Mark Wild but wanted to shop around a bit rather than book the first one to appear. My venue has recommended floorfillerz but I can't seem to find any reviews other than on their own website which I'm always slightly dubious of.

I know there is some awful DJs out there so I want to make sure I get this right.

Thanks in advance xxx 


  • Hi Darling, Which Venue is this? 

  • Hi,


    Devotion are amazing. They are based in Ayrshire but will travel to Glasgow. They did our engagement party and are doing our wedding next year :)

  • Hi Jennifer,


    who did you end up going with as I've been looking at floorfillerz too and kinda feel the same way you do about the reviews. Just really don't want to pick the wrong person 😫

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