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What would you do with an extremely tight budget. A relaxed wedding with 5 bridesmaids... this doesn't match does it lol.

I have my two sisters extremely close with but also my partners sister and two best friends that I was bridesmaid for them.

How could I make this work with it being a low key budget wedding 😕



  • MrsDtoBMrsDtoB Posts: 100

    I would say only have your two sisters. Just because you were the other girls bridesmaid doesn't mean they have to be yours. 

    Plus if it's just your two sisters I think everyone will understand. Having just sisters is different to having certain friends and not others. 

  • More bridesmaids does mean more money, but if you're savvy you can definitely do it!

    Give them a colour and a length to stick to and let them find their own dresses from normal shops? I wish I'd done it.

    If not try sales in wedding stores and if they're a chain they may be able to pull out dresses from other stores for you if you find one you like in the sale.

    Depending on how much you're willing to spend, ask them to supply their own shoes? Then you've got more money on dresses :)

  • I'm doing it :) - well 4 bridesmaids not 5 but still...

    We're having a really tiny do in the day - 25 people - then a big party in the evening. I debated not having any bridesmaids but for me it felt like part of the wedding experience. And I want all these girls with me on my day (it was all or none for me - no sisters).

    We're keeping costs down by only buying dresses and bouquets - the girls can wear their own shoes and jewellery. I really like it this way anyways as they can look matching but individual. We've also found dresses on Etsy for around £60 each including delivery (they're multiway dresses, so again they can all put their own stamp on the look).

    It's definitely do-able :)

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I think it's doable. There are lots of high street stores that sell bridesmaid style dresses for under £50- try places like New Look, Dorothy Perkins, ASOS and keep an eye out for discount days - for example Dorothy Perkins regularly do 20/25% off days.

  • I m having 4 bridesmaids and a flower girl  with a max budget of £275 for their dresses and accessories (everything will be from etsy or high street shops) , I m sure it's perfectly doable on a budget if you feel like all of your BMs are important to you to have. 

  • jamie41jamie41 Posts: 63

    I bought my bridesmaid dresses off eBay.....controversial I know. I have six bridesmaids (don't ask!) they arrived yesterday and we are pleased with them. We took a bit of a gamble and I think it paid off....!image

  • Helen225Helen225 Posts: 861 New bride

    Wow, they're lovely! And in my colour so you know.. if they're going spare afterwards....  (I am joking, I want floor length) x

  • jamie41jamie41 Posts: 63

    Hahaha we have a mix of teenage and grown up bridesmaids. We wanted mis matched ones really but was too risky buying online in case colours differed. Also got these off eBay too for the girls - you can pinch that idea haha image

    thoight they would look nice in the getting ready pics. Mine is white of course haha xx

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    Remember with bridesmaids it's not just the dress you have to buy for them - flowers, present, hair and make up to think about. I think just have your sisters and get your friends to do readings so they can be involved but you don't have to spend money. Better to buy two dresses of the best quality you can afford than having to buy lots and buying cheap, in my opinion. 

  • Dora3Dora3 Posts: 1,218 New bride

    I've got 3 bridesmaids. I managed to get a good deal on two dresses but my sister is going to have a different dress matching in colour as she's a little awkward size wise, huge bust and smaller figure. She will have my 1year old niece to look after on the day so she's a bridesmaid but her priority is her daughter. My mum is paying for my sisters dress to be made. I'm paying for all threes hair, makeup and accessories. I may ask them to buy their shoes though. 

    I was a bridesmaid earlier this year and the bride paid for my dress and my accessories. I paid for my shoes, hair and makeup. I'd like to pay for the girls make up, hair and accessories and if the budget allows, their shoes. But they are all willing to contribute. 

    Its a tough one. what I would say is make it known the costs the bridesmaids will have to have. If they are in the know it shouldn't be a issue. Mine want to pay for more but I want to do as much myself xxx

  • I've got 6 bridesmaids and luckily they are all similar dress sizes & height!

    I've just bought their dresses from ASOS - They're by the brand TFNC - they're really lovely and were only £45 each (we've actually ended up saving more money as we ordered some in petite which turned out to be £31.50 in the sale!)

    We just did a girly shopping trip to the usual department stores that stock bridesmaid dresses to find the style they all liked and then bought online which was much cheaper. 

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