Altering my wedding dress (picture added)


Hi all. :) I've bought my wedding dress online I'm wondering if it would be possible to have it made into a mermaid dress?  I feel like it doesn't compliment my curve. has anyone else had this done? xxx 


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    Have you got a picture of it on you?

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    Have you tried mermaid dresses on to see if they suit you? Or any other type of dress? You will see many threads on here about brides choosing dresses they never thought they would, me included. If so, I'm sure if you contacted a seamstress they could let you know whether the alteration was possible. It might involve a lot of work and could be costly though so they would be best placed to let you know.

  • Love the dress as is 

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    I'm not a seamstress, but we've had several in the family. I think with the number of alterations that would have to be made - and significant ones at that - that even a good seamstress would have difficulty completely converting this dress to a mermaid.  She would probably have to entirely remove the skirt and try to re-fashion it into a mermaid before reattaching. And it may not even hang right or look right after all that trouble and expense.

    You may be better off selling the dress and getting a mermaid if your heart is dead set upon it. If you've tried mermaids on and you know that this is absolutely what you want, list this dress for sale (on this site and others) and perhaps look into getting a mermaid at a sample sale or secondhand, if budget is a concern.

    Good luck whatever you decide :)

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