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Hi All,


I'm getting married in Tuscany in September 2017. I was wondering if anybody had any advice/recommendations on suppliers they have dealt with or come across? I'm looking for catering, music, florist, hair & make up, vintage car hire etc.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks = ]


  • Hello, I'm getting married next week in Umbria, so I will come back once it's all happened and let you know how all of our suppliers were!


  • Aw brilliant that would be great thank you! Good luck for next week have an amazing time!! 

  • Hi Louise-19

    Try Lisa at Hitched in Italy, she's a wedding planner but you don't have to use her as a wedding planner, she can give you advice on suppliers for free.  I know she knows some really good caterers.

    [email protected]

    I used her as my wedding planner and she was really great.  Very helpful.


  • Hi Louise, Sorry it's taken me a while to get back too you, its taken a while to recover from the wedding and honeymoon! Here are the suppliers I used, who I would 100% recommend:

    Last minute dirty band - were absolutely incredible, and really chilled out about the fact the wedding was outdoors, and it threatened to rain the entire evening. Everyone was dancing all night, they played a twist for my husbands grandparents to dance to, which was amazing, and they said they would only do a certain amount of time but played over their breaks. Cannot recommend enough. They also speak enough english for requests etc. 

    Villa Romana catering - from rome, but came up with catering truck, provided all the furniture and crockery, and tidied up after themselves so you would have known they were there. Provided a maitre de, who spent the day solving problems, surprised us with canapés we hadn't ordered because they thought we should have some, and spent the evening bringing me drinks whenever my hand was empty, and decorated my glasses with a little posey of flowers every time. Also didn't mind when my drunk friend asked what prosecco was in italian. Repeatedly! Also, they took my crazy idea for espresso martinis instead of coffee and ran with it, doing full blown cocktail shaking etc all night, went down brilliantly!

    We had to transport our guests from their hotels to the venues, and used Dal Zotto transport. The drivers were really chilled out, played music on the way home for everyone, stopped to buy more beer, and detoured for skinny dipping. Cannot recommend them enough!

    Caretti Roma Gelato - I didn't actually taste any of this :( but it went down very well, and the traditional little cart they brought was very cute! They were quite reasonable in comparison to other companies we tried, and you can pay to completely personalise the cart too. 

    I unfortunately wouldn't recommend our photographer, was very haphazard and she didn't get a lot of the shots you would have expected (like one of the rings,my veil, husband sprayed champagne after the cake cutting and she didn't take any shots etc). We felt quite let down, and a lot of our guests mentioned her as not being that great. I won't say who it was on here, but if you want to know more send me a pm :)

    Hope this helps a little bit! x

  • Also, we used a wedding planner as a coordinator on the day, They're just starting out, but if you would be interested, let me know and I will pass on their details. They were amazing, and took away all of the stress from us, wouldn't have done it without them. Just little things like making sure we stayed on time, and cut the cake and did the first dance on time, and making sure everyone was on the buses home so we didn't have to worry (and doing a beer run, when we ran out!)

  • Oh, sorry, Louise Faulkner did my hair and make up, and again was brilliant. couldn't recommend enough! 

  • Hello future brides!

    My name is Tamara, and im getting married in Italy in april 2017.

    I wanted to share my experiencing in organising my wedding, after months and months of searching and looking for, coming to Italy, meeting people, checking out, analysing, comparing etcJ

    If it can help someone to find professionals they are looking for, Ill  be happy.

    I work in the field of fashion, so the priorities for me were and are : great photographer and a make up artist and a hairstylist!This regards professionalism as well as human qualities.

    I love Italy, so i come often there for work, so twice I met two make up artists, but unfortunately, apart from poor portfolio, and their English, I didnt like their approach, they were not punctual, they didnt have good make up on, smart clothes, they were not sure in what they were saying. So I started to search again. And by chance just searching on google I have found Anna. I fell in love with her website, clear, understandable, well-done, with great photos and news, a lot of tips for brides. I decided to email her, and at once I felt that this was the person I was looking for a long time. Professional, organised, precise, very friendly and speaking very fluent English. She asked me the right questions, and photos, tried to understand my ideas and preferences. So I did the trial, and everything went so great, Im so satisfied and happy to have found the right person for my Big day. So, im really happy to tell about my experience. If someone needs, her website is

    Anna was also very kind to give me some names of the photographers she worked with, but the one Ive chosen and liked best is Daniele. His style is exactly how I would like: fresh, full of light, spontaneous, with great colours, and great landscapes. I met with him in his office in Rome, he is very professional, but funny, friendly, speaks good English and great to work with! So, if you are curious here is his web page

    I hope I can help to someone who is still looking for their professionals, I wish good luck to every future bride!

  • Hi, we are getting married in Siena next year,  we are using a great wedding planner called Hewelin form Marry me in Tuscany. I recommend her highly and she does various packages to suit all budgets. We have been so pleased with all of her recommendations so far, and she is so flexible. I would definitely recommend getting a planner even just to help with the paperwork.

  • Hi Louise!

    My sister got married in Italy with Wine&Wedding Italy and they were great! I would definitely recommend to talk to Cinzia and Giovanna at [email protected].

    Btw I'm planning to get married in Tuscany as well !!! Can't wait :)


  • Hi Louise,


    i don't know wether you will end up getting help from a professional but if i have to give you an advise please do!

    Italian bureaucracy is so slow and keeping up with suppliers who often have a poor english can get very frustrating.

    A friend got married in Italy last year, in the areas of San Casciano in Val di Pesa near Florence she got help from a boutique Wedding Planning agency called Weddings on demand.

    The company is run by two english mother tongue professionals, so made it so easy for her to get ahead of everything.

    Wish you luck!


  • Hello everyone,

    Feel free to get in touch for any wedding planning, event design or on-the-day-co-ordination requests.

    I am an English wedding planner living in Italy (I speak fluent Italian) and work all over Italy, I work with mainly English clients too (some US/Aussie) so have plenty of experience and good supplier recommendations that meet my rather scrupulous and English standards!

    Feel free to get in touch: [email protected]

    Catherine x

  • Try Savvy event studio in Florence, she is great

    And my wedding photographer rellini art studio, best photographer ever!

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