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  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride
    Which venue  are  you getting married at? Have you decided on colours,favors,dress etc?


  • Oh so many santorini brides around! I am getting married  in May 2018!! We have even decided on favors! I ordered the lovebirds in the foto!!  Aren't they so cute?? I believe it is something very useful


  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Oh they are beautiful....are they salt n' pepper? Did you book em by yourself?

  • Hi Adrea - sounds like you had the perfect wedding!

    I'd love a sunset cruise for our guests - what company did you use? How many guests did you have? xx

  • AdreaAdrea Posts: 7

    Hey Jen700! Congrats!

    It was a perfect wedding!

    My planner organised everything, so I can't help you with the boat company!

    We had 65 guests attending but the boat was big enough for all of them.-very spacious!


  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    We were offered a boat trip as a  wedding gift and we enjoyed it  a lot!

  • eve20eve20 Posts: 6

    Have contacted Alexandra,she was very helpful and replied straight away!!,Still waiting some more replies before I make my final decision.

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Hi eve20!

    Congrats!When are you planning to get married?Are you having lots of guests?

    Our wedding was a small intimate wedding and enjoyed it a lot.



  • I would like to share my experience with  Gold-Weddings Santorini.

    We found Alexandra with the recommendation of our caterer, and then met with her. Let me just say that we knew within the first 15 minutes of meeting her that she was the planner for us.

     Even though we thought we had everything under control , within ten minutes of meeting Alexandra we knew that we couldn't do it without her. She customized a package for our needs. Then she worked seamlessly with the vendors that we had already selected. In general I am extremely happy to say I got my monies worth. This was not the case with Alexandra... We got SO MUCH MORE than our monies worth,working tirelessly to make sure our wedding day was spectacular. I know for sure that we stressed her out on multiple occasions. Let me say she handled it without a blink of the eye. She reminded us from weeks out what needed to be done, made sure we did EVERYTHING to ensure our wedding would be amazing. As if that wasn't enough, she handled the event incredibly. Our shuttles were all late, and it was drizzling. Alexandra made on-the-fly decisions to ensure that nothing would effect our guests, our vendors, us, or our wedding. Even today, she is still following up with us to tie up loose ends. I highly recommend Gold Weddings Santorini. Alexandra is truly a gift to the industry. She has her system down pat, and it is so easy to work with her. I don't know if other clients can say this, and if they can then she is even more incredible than I give her credit for, but she is family.

  • eve20eve20 Posts: 6

    We are going with Gold finally! Decided on Le ciel venue,it's fab!! Can't wait to start planning! There are so many floral arrangements and wedding cake styles I adore!!

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    eve20 it's so hard to make a final decision on planner, what was it that tipped u?

    we're getting married at Le Ciel 29/6/19 😊 What date are you getting married?

  • eve20eve20 Posts: 6

    It really is! But Gold have  great experience and Alexandra is very responsive that is why I chose them! We're getting married next May!

  • My partner and I are planning to have a civil ceremony in santorini in summer 2018,we recently got in touch with Alexandra who was super helpful!We have not booked anything yet though.We are open to dates but would prefer to come in the season when it is not at its peak as I don't want it to be too hot.

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride

    Oh congrats darling! Yes she is very helpful! I would recommend you getting married end of May or first days of June that is not that hot! Otherwise maybe try end of September? Also in August accommodation seems very expensive!!

  • I'm finding it abit difficult and as im trying to find a breakdown for prices, how much does Alexandra charge for her fee? 

    Need to know I have enough money before I commit if you

    get me? 

    Where has everyone decided or had their receptions? 

    Think we've decided on Santorini Gem for our ceremony xx 

  • She tailored a package for me.. 

  • nicole18nicole18 Posts: 163 New bride


    Alexandra tailored a package to our needs.


    When are you getting married Gemma-26?


  • Thinking about June 2018..Do you believe it will be too hot?

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    We're June 2018, it will be too hot to have a ceremony before about 5pm!

  • We had a week in Santorini in the last week of June last year  and h2b proposed, which was great as flying out I think we were the only couple on the plane that wasn't getting married. Easyjet were very accommodating as their were a few wedding dresses hanging up in the cabin.

    Anyway except for one day the temperatures were in the low 30's. We saw quite a few weddings happening in the early evening I think because of this as it was unbearably hot even in a bikini. Late May very early June and September would be good months.

  • We got married last September and it was too hot!My bridesmaids and guests couldn't bear it, so we requested for fans!!Maybe in June  there are lower temperatures.


  • Thank you all! Did you book your own suppliers or you got a fixed package with suppliers included?



  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    Hi Adonella, I am in 2 minds (well actually about 1000 minds!!) whether to book through the planner (i'm not using gold but just hijacking :) ) or whether to save money and organise it myself. I have booked the wedding venue directly as that was cheaper and I hadn't decided on a planner yet. 

    i think i will probably book a lot of my own stuff as i do begrudge paying someone else to do something that i can.....even if it does make it easier and less stressful!......I think !

  • oh thanks for your reply!

    I consider deciding on suppliers and  let my planner book them (as they do not have extra charge for this service).

    Which venue are you getting married at?

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    They may not openly have a charge for it but nothing is free, if you get the price for yourself and then ask for the price from the planner there is likely to be a difference. There may be other areas where they are cheaper though which is why I think I will get them to book some and I will book some.

    We have provisionally booked Le Ciel, we may change our minds when we get out there in April to have a look but I think our gut is probably right :)

  • adonellaadonella Posts: 12

    Oh le ciel seems wonderful!! Are you visiting in April? Please share your experience of  this venue when you return!

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    Yes, we go 26th April for 1 week. I will update when I have been :) we are also visiting other venues so can let you know our thoughts on them too. I will be taking lots of photos so will probably put them on my planning thread x

  • fabiennefabienne Posts: 28

    In my opinion Santorini Gem is the best venue.

  • Lucy266Lucy266 Posts: 176

    I  think a lot of posts in this thread are clever fakes by the supplier or someone connected to them. There are some strange trends - an extremely high level of positivity,  strange word choices, vagueness about Alexandra's fee, no detail about their own weddings,  and a lot of the posts are by people who don't seem to post anywhere else on this forum.

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    lol I'm glad I'm not the only slightly skeptical bride 😊

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