Accomodation for guests included in venue price

Our venue comes with accommodation for guests and it's an exclusive use all weekend deal - of course paying for what works out as a weekend break ( fri.sat.sun nights) for 30 odd people pushes it over budget a bit - but it's a little remote and people will be coming long distances to attend so will need to stay.  Has anyone that has had that kind of venue asked people to book the accommodation through us and giving a price ? or just taken the hit and see if anyone offers to pay for their accommodation ?

We can't have the venue without the accommodation and it will be seriously lovely to have everyone together for a whole weekend - just the money side is stressing me a bit.

 Its a small place with only limited options for accommodation off the site so I could give a where to stay card so they have the option to stay on site or at a local pub/guesthouse and ensure pricing for the venue is cheapest.  We do have another house we can book for a further 16 guests ( which will pretty much cover everyone then) which we can say is the same price ( its about 500 yards from the venue ) 

Just having a read through this old thread - but if anyone has any updated thoughts that would be really helpful


  • MashMash Posts: 73

    Hmm thinking maybe something like this in with the invitation...

    For your convenience a limited number of rooms have been set aside for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights if you would like to make a weekend of it. Rooms must be reserved with us by xxxx  2018 to ensure availability;

    Rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

    Place 1 £100 double or twin (for Fri, Sat and Sun nights)

    Place 2 £100 double or twin (for Fri, Sat and Sun nights)

    Alternatively, local accommodation is available in the village at;

    Place 3 approx £95 per night - website/contact

    Place 4 approx £120 per night - website/contact

    Place 5 approx £100 per night - website/contact

    We’d recommend booking as early as you can as it’s bank holiday weekend and xxxxxx is extremely popular and gets booked up early.

    OR you could consider Camping old style at xxxxxxxx Campsite or xxxxxxxx Farm, both within the village – around £20 a night per pitch. - websites/contacts


    And a bit of info about the area and things to do.... ( there's lots to do )

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    Hi Mash

    This was exactly the same thing I had for my venue.  It was exclusive use for the weekend and there were 15 rooms available so 30 people max. could stay.   We had to charge family/friends who wanted to stay there as the wedding budget would have been obliterated otherwise.  We knocked some money off the cost of the rooms to make it a bit more affordable for people.

    I set up a wedding info webpage and put all the details of alternative accommodation on there, rather than trying to cram it all into one sheet for the invite but what you've got above sounds ideal.

    Happy planning!




  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    I think what you have suggested to go with your invite is spot on. One thing I would personally do is make it as affordable as you can for your guests, so its a no brainer for them to book your accommodation and they don't feel they are funding your wedding.



  • MashMash Posts: 73

    Thank you, I do think that solves things, then I don't feel like I'm charging people to come to our wedding or forcing them to stay ... they have the choice of whether to stay with us or elsewhere, and one, two or three nights. I need to do the maths but I think I can do it so our accommodation is half what staying elsewhere would be. I don't think I should do it much under that or those that miss our accommodation might feel hard done by... it's a bit of a mine field  it this wedding malarkey !!  

    We'll still pay for our parents and children (all bridesmaids/ushers) tho. 

    When it it comes down to it tho we have chosen to hold the wedding in the sticks at least two hrs travel for everyone (lots more for some) so we need to make sure people can make it without breaking the bank .... but this way hopefully not breaking ours either...and we might be able to provide a sandwich or two.... lol

    I must get a 'planning' thread together soon... seem to be doing things back to front figuring out these fine details before sorting out the actual ceremony. 


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