Wedding dress doesn't fit!


I was wondering if anyone can help,  I have bought my wedding dress from Vivien of Holloway, and the dress it's self is lovely, but I ordered a size bigger (as I have purchased from here before and know the sizes can be small)  however when the dress arrived it's still far too small, it has a zip up back, I was wondering if anyone knows if i can have the zip removed and corset back put in to help with the size problem?  


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    Yes you can change it to a corset. Most wedding dress makers allow a little extra in the seams so it may be able to come out by 1 size.... how much too  small is it? What is the style?

  • Hiya jenni8 :D 

    My dress is from an online retailer, it's a 1950's style swing dress with a zip up back, it's about 6 inches short of the zip fastening.  I though of having it took out but i don't think it would be enough,get married in march 2017 so i's starting to panic a bit. 



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    Contact the shop- VOH are lovely, and awesome about things like returns etc. and should be able to advise. If not, then they may be able to advise on changes. (This is assuming that you purchased directly, obvs)

    Unfortunately their sizing is true to the 50s, and not now (you need to check your measurements against their online chart), and some of the material they use has more give than other material that they use, so they're used to this kind of thing.

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