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Drinking at your wedding

just thought I'd throw this out there in the hope some brides who have married can offer some thoughts on this and to see whether others have thought about this...

Nowadays I'm really not a big drinker - and have really gone off certain types of alcohol. Wine gives me a bit of a bad head (I'm not great at hydrating enough so that's probably why) and if I do drink a fair bit the hangovers are just utterly utterly horrendous! I can't hack it these days! I love a prosecco but seem to get tipsy from a few. I therefore would say that whilst I enjoy a couple of drinks with a meal for example, I've gone off sort of general night out drinking- mostly cos I'm now crap at it!! So at all my recent work networking stuff I've been pretty good at just having a few in case I started banging on about nonsense in a pissed state (like my boss, who has told me the same story at each of these events about 5000 times.)

So I was planning on not drinking too much during the day at the wedding. For getting ready I'll have some prosecco in but think I'm going to take some of that Bottle green sparkling elderflower and have that instead. I'm also going to ask for something similar to be available at the reception drinks as well as all the booze so I can keep hydrated but feel like I've a glass of fizz in hand. Then with dinner I'll have some prosecco (but stay clear of the bad head wine) and after dinner I probably will just do whatever as Mr H will probably decide we should all drink White Russians!! I'll just have to take it steady.

I am also reminded of a girl I knew who was so good at dieting and exercising and being really healthy up to her wedding that she really couldn't handle her booze by then, got too drunk too quickly by not realising this and had to be put to bed at 9pm missing most of her party poor love!! 

Any drunken bride horror stories or sneaky tips? I'm conscious people might buy lots of drinks for the bride and groom too (I always do this lol)!


  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555


    I can definitely offer some tips on this!

    I am a terrible drinker these days. I only stick to prosecco and wine and can't handle any form of hangover any more 😂 It was my husband's 30th last week - I had a bottle of prosecco and two cocktails and literally died the next day. Pathetic!!

    On our wedding day, I was really conscious of staying hydrated. I just drank juice and squash in the morning and had maybe two glasses of prosecco during the drinks reception plus a glass of wine with dinner. I just stuck to water for the evening. However, my dress had boning in the bodice which was somewhat restrictive and after my proseccos I got really fizzed up to the point that I felt sick and couldn't eat much! I managed until about 11pm then had to go and sit in a room with my dress off before I passed out! I was back on the dancefloor within half an hour though so it wasn't all that bad!

    Basically, because I hadn't eaten much from all the excitement of the day (and getting really bloated from the fizz!) , my sugar levels had dropped. I had a cup of tea and a glass of coke which made me feel loads better. In hindsight, I should've reached for the jug of coke during the meal rather than the bottle of white!

    So in regards to tips for other brides, I suggest sticking to drinks that keep your sugar levels up. As delicious as your wedding breakfast and evening food may seem, take it from me that your mind will be on anything but eating which will be risky business if you're on the booze! If a guest asks you what you'd like to drink, get a soft drink or water to save their money - I would have a sip of one drink, pop it down, get distracted by someone else, move away from the table and forget all about it! This happened all night!

    Hope this helps! x

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    I very rarely drink (can count on one hand the number of drinks I've had this year) and my H2B doesn't drink at all. Have toyed with getting a bottle of bubbly for the morning but I'll just have one glass with orange juice maybe. We are having pimms after the ceremony which I will have one and h2b will have a soft drink, our wedding meal is an afternoon tea we are serving tea coffee fruit juice and water with that despite comments from one of my cousins (she doesn't think it would be rude to bring her own bottle of something to drink, I do think it's very rude though!) then we have a special South African sparkling wine for the toasts, my H2b choice as has sentimental memories for him of his dad, and this is actually only 7% so low alcohol and so even h2b has said he will drink a couple of glasses of that. In the evening we are providing red, white wine, beers and soft drinks not having a bar so we are safe from being bought drinks I'll stick to soft drinks or quite possibly a cup of tea (yes I am that sad, I love tea and it's my wedding day!)I can't think of anything worse than getting completely drunk and not remembering my wedding day and like you because I rarely drink I would get tipsy very quickly and I do not want to fly on honeymoon with a bad head!

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    I was pregnant on my wedding day, but only 6 weeks so of course no one knew.

    I drank a little I am no saint. But I didn't want people to know I wasn't drinking a lot. 

    People are going to want to buy you drinks and a lot of them! So I told the barman before hand to only serve me coke but to look like a vodka coke. So in a tall glass, everyone thinks your drinking! Brilliant. If you do have to have a alcoholic drink I just sipped a little while with the guest, when I walked to chat to the next person I would put my drink down and leave it there. 

    My friends are a little crazy, that's why I love them! We love to do shots normally. Every time it was shot time I just had to go to the toilet. Or I said "I can't I'm to drunk!" To which they were shouting yeahhhhh! 😂

    Honestly no one had a clue and speaking about it later people said to me, wow you were so drunk! No mate you were lol 

  • Bims09Bims09 Posts: 240 New bride

    I think that's very sensible of you! Like you, I'm not very good at staying hydrated so I can end up feeling pretty parched after a couple of proseccos  I do like a drink though and will definitely have some on my wedding day (probably a glass of fizz in the morning and some with dinner), but really don't want to end up feeling super thirsty or headachey. Keeping soft drinks handy sounds like a good plan!

  • This is really interesting and I am breathing a sigh of relief that it is just not me. I really cant stand being hungover or the yucky feeling of not being 100% so only have one of two drinks and no more than 3. 



  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I've heard that adrenaline on the day keeps you feeling sober despite drinking.... that's what I am counting on

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    I'm such a lightweight. If I do any kind of day time drinking, I'll be asleep by 5pm. I'm planning on having a glass of champagne whilst getting ready in the morning followed by lots of water (love water anyway). I'm guessing I'll only get one glass of prosecco during the drinks reception as we'll be off having photos anyway. Hopefully one glass of wine with dinner and another prosecco with the toasts. Wow that's 4 already before the evening has even begun!

    I guess I should be downing more water during dinner otherwise I won't be making it to 12pm! I'm happy dancing the night away so maybe I won't drink anymore after that...I'm pretty good at knowing what my limits are and really hate being hungover too. This is all well and good in theory, I'll let you know what happened on 24 March!

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    When getting ready in the morning I had a glass of champagne while getting ready but didn't go mad - your wedding day is a long day so you need to plan for that. Don't peak too soon!

    I did a speech on our wedding day so I was conscious of keeping a totally clear head for that - so during the meal I had a very small glass of wine & kept filling my other glass up with water. If you're not good at this maybe task someone else on the top table or one of the waiting staff to make sure you're supplied with water. Lubes tip of something sugary is also a good idea if you're up and about & not eating a lot (make sure you do eat!) 

    I had sips of my champagne during the speeches but didn't really drink until the evening reception properly started after the first dance. We had a cocktail & gin bar so I wanted to enjoy a few drinks as we'd put a lot of effort into planning that bit of the reception. 

    I'm glad I didn't drink loads as I remember every single moment of the day & night :-)

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    At my wedding I just had a glass of wine with the meal, glass of champagne for the toast and a couple of barcadi and cokes in the evening. I wanted to make sure that I was sober all day to enjoy it.

    My step sister who got married around 10 years ago remembers nothing of her wedding day because she was completely drunk!!

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I dont drink anything but water, tea or hot chocolate as a trear in daily life, drinking alcohol at home has never appealed especially after growing up in a family who would get in from work and open a beer or bottle before even taking their shoes off, and carry on that way all night.

    I have 1 or 2 glasses of wine when we eat out, or maybe a cocktail.

    I would probably have a bucks fizz while getting ready then stick to water and tea until the reception. Im good at pacing myself and knowing when its time to drink water again, and all too good at eating to keep the alcohol in check 🙄

    I dont plan on starting married life wishing for death 😂

  • Apart from a glass of bubbles as soon as we arrived at the reception and a glass for the speeches I made a point to stick to soft drinks all day. I wanted to make the most of every moment and didn't want to risk getting carried away after a few drinks (can't say my new husband took the same approach though - he was passed out in the honeymoon suite before the last of the guests had gone!) But as several people have already said, I barely took 4 sips out of a drink before I put it down and forgot about it, so if nothing else buying alcoholic drinks all night would have been a waste of money! I also wanted to wake up the next morning feeling my absolute best so again, the hangover wouldn't have been worth it

    Its also true what all brides say about how you won't eat half of what your guests will do - the excitement alone made it really hard for me to manage any of the menu I had lovingly planned! And if you're anything like me this means anything you do drink will go to your head so much quicker.

    I guess if you want to drink, go for it but don't just for the sake of it, and don't be pressured into it by a well meaning guest - I did use the excuse about having already had enough and would love a soft drink if they really insisted on buying me a drink, and on one occasion when the guest really wasn't having it managed to indicate to the barman to skip the vodka my friend was adamant I was to have and just gave me the OJ instead. They were too drunk to notice anyway!

    If nothing else, I was on such a natural high all day long that I didn't need the added buzz from alcohol so I focused on staying hydrated and enjoying every moment.

  • I'm so glad I came across this, I have been having this worry for a while. I never drink only on the rare occasion, complete lightweight and suffer from the worst hang ovears. I was considering not drinking at all on my wedding because i want to enjoy every minute of it but I do want to have the odd glass of champer. I will be taking the advice that some of you lovely ladies have posted :-) glad I'm the only one thinking about this xx

  • MrsNH17MrsNH17 Posts: 650 New bride

    This is all so useful! I don't particularly want to drink much anyway but I don't want to feel worried about having one or people wanting to buy a drink and having to make a thing of not accepting it or whatever - the "have a few sips and pop it down" tip is a winner (or I might mention to one of my BMs and she can have them instead as I pop them down and save some money!).

    I do actually want to eat my food (and cake!) but I'm guessing like most brides have said I will be too excited to properly do so. Although I am going to try make an effort to eat something and use this time to get some of the sugary drinks and water in as others have suggested. Also Lubes I'm having the same thought about my dress as I'm having boning put in - I'll have the "de-robe briefly" thought in mind in case I do start feeling funny!

    I'm assuming a good breakfast is also an idea as there's a while to get through from getting ready to sit down meal! Again a tricky one - need to be satisfied so as to not get headachey / hungry later but don't want to be bloated before putting dress on! 


  • lola3lola3 Posts: 350 New bride

    I'm so pleased this article and discussion has come up. We get married on Thursday and I very rarely drink and didn't want the awkward moment of people thinking I was pregnant. Thank you so much for all your hints and tips will certainly take these on board x 

  • I've organised to have drinks buckets full of soft drinks and juice which will be topped up all day and evening, so I can fetch myself a drink - or get a bridesmaid to fetch me one - so people don't keep buying my alcoholic drinks. Last thing I want is to be hungover waking up on the first whole day of being married!

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride

    I was the same, adrenaline took over, i got married aboard at an all inclusive hotel ppl kept bringing me ouzo and lemo and then the best man brought in prosseco which we drank, then i went to get married was fine then family at the reception were buying vodka and coke, i was fine all night just felt happy tipsy were normally i would of been dead by then, got bk to hotel were we were staying had a drink at the bar and went off with hubby to bed woke up fine next day, its still mad cuz i would of never drank that much would of been on the floor well would.never get to drink that much.  

  • Originally I had planned to have a glass of fizzy whilst getting ready, but I knew once I had one I would want another so I didnt drink until after the ceremony. I had a fair bit to drink through out the evening but didn't feel even tipsy. I also managed to misplace quite a few drinks, which was probably a good thing! 

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