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Is my Wedding schedule okay??


I'm getting married in Santorini in May 2017.

I originally was going to do whole day photography on the day of the wedding and next day 2-3 hrs photograph. This was 3000 euros in total.


But now I have to make some adjustments due to budget issues. 

So what i am thinking is:

10am-1pm outdoor photoshoot (not in wedding gown)

come back to hotel and get ready

5:30 wedding ceremony 

- Do you think this is okay schedule for the wedding day?

or should i pay the extra 600 euros and do it the next day?

Please help me decide 



  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    When you say a photoshoot, what of? Like an engagement style shoot, or?

    If Its not anything to do with the wedding Id have it on another day.

    Are you getting done up for the shoot and then going and getting redone up for the wedding?

    Is this actually important if its eating into your budget, when your getting wedding photos done a few hours later?

  • Hello MrsJohnstonTobe

    It's a couples photo portrait with the scrnary-  That's what I meant as photoshoot.


    The reason I wanted this is because I wanted to capture Santorini's beautiful scenary and not only from the venue. My ceremony starts at 5:30pm so there is no time to do photos in between ceremony and receptio.

    For the couples photo, i would be wearing simple makeup and non wedding dress. Then I would redo my makeup and change into my wedding dress for the ceremony. So im hoping I'll be able to rest+get ready in 1pm-5pm time frame.

    do you think this is too tight?

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I think it would be ok, but it depends in how far away from your hotel the ahoot will be, and what time you will need to be ready for the ceremony.

    Youll want to have time to shower and get ready on time without rushing, you have 4 hours but if theres travelling time too by the time youve got back and showered and maybe washed your hair its not so much if you are having an updo etc.

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride

    Hiya i got married aboard and i got married at 6pm, after the ceremony we had photos straight after, it took about 30 mins but we got loads of beautiful ones, we then went to our reception got there just after 730 had sit down meal the by 830 we were all on the dance floor, 3000 sounds alot, mine were 300 euros to have him take pics before,  during and after ceremony and i got all my pics on a usb stick. Its ur wedding you do what u think is best x

  • You could do a "first look" style of photography before your ceremony so that you have photos of you in your dress?

  • Hi Sara,


    I recommend a next day shooting because you need and a lot of time in preparation for both of you.

    Also if you will make next day you will be much more relax on the wedding day and you will have more time to enjoy friends and family.

    Of course 3000 euros are too much for this package, mine prices are 1500 photography and videography. If you still looking for a photographer I am a destination wedding photographer based in Santorini take a look at my website:

    or here in this post you will find more of my santorini photos:

    If you want to ask me anything my email is: [email protected]

    Ben :)


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