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Santorini Gem v Le Ciel


Have decided on Santorini, now to decide location!! Eeeek 

Santorini Gem


Le Ciel

Does anyone have any experiences of these? 

Advantages and Disadvantages? 

Thank you!!!! X 


  • Siany5Siany5 Posts: 3

    Hi there

    Ive been looking at both these venues aswell. I'am looking to get married July 2018. x

  • Hi Gemma,

    I made more than 30 weddings in both venues and here are the Advantages and Disadvantages in my photographic opinion.

    Santorini Gem


    - Has great entrance

    - Very beautiful background view in Ceremony which is the same in reception

    - Great service

    - For not so many guests can have inside or outside reception.


    - The beautiful location of Santorini with blue domes is in Imerovigli, Firostefani or Oia, and Santorini Gem needs 25 minutes with car so if you have your ceremony near sunset the only place near there is Pyrgos which is not caldera, if you will go to Imerovigli you must calculate 1 40-50 minutes in car (to go and to come back).



    - Leciel has a terrace for sunset shooting if you don't want to go far for a shooting, which is nice.

    - The location is near the good spots for shooting so after ceremony no need to drive far, it's in Imerovigli

    - Great service


    - Only close reception (I am not sure for this but every wedding in summer that I made was in close reception area) which is not so bad because Santorini is very windy.




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