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My parents won't even reply to an email

So I feel awkward writing this.

My parents and I fell out last year over a few things, my mums got some demons to deal with and they both hate my fiance and his kids for ridiculous reasons.  As a result we no longer speak.

I sent my parents an email (they live abroad) wishing them well and saying I'd love them to put differences aside and join in my day.  I've had no response.  I know they've read it. Its probably in the deleted file right now.

I'm presuming now they wont be coming and have asked my father in law to give me away instead. 

The only family my side will be my younger sister and her family.  My older sister has a prebooked gala to go too which is obviously more important.

Im hurt and angry and dont want the day clouded by negatives or anyone bringing up my family, what can I do?



  • Faye that's awful that your parents didn't take your olive branch as that was a very big thing of you to do. However I think you should move on for now and be satisfied that you tried and just look forward to your big day. It sounds as though you have lovely supportive in-laws. It may be a blessing in disguise as they could have turned up at your day and tried to say their piece - which would generate way more negatives than not having them there at all. It sounds as though they are very stubborn!

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