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Would you be annoyed? Help!


Im asking advice, I booked my wedding venue for next year months ago its a really beautiful unique venue. Last week I found out that my close cousin has gone and booked the same venue for the month before my wedding, knowing I'd already booked it. I'm so angry and annoyed by this but she is acting like it shouldn't be a problem and I'm overreacting. Am I? What are your thoughts on this am I right to be peed off! 




  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 360 New bride

    Truthfully yeah, I would be pissed off. I know I don't own the venue and she has every right to book her wedding where she wants but yeah, it would get to me for a little while but after the initial annoyed feeling, I'd just get on with it and remember that all that matters is my wedding and my day and that's all I need to focus on.


    The same kind of thing happened to me recently. My cousin made her engagement party the same day as my hen night and a few of the same people were invited to both such as my gran and aunt so they'd have to choose which to go to. I ended up having to move my hen night a day forward. She knew what day my hen night was after my gran let it slip after taking to her a few weeks beforehand.

  • Whilst I can understand how you must feel. Perhaps you should try and look at it as a compliment, she obviously loves your venue and every wedding is different. Your day will still be special as no one can replicate you as a couple. Focus on your special day and congratulations by the way :) Hope this helps. Xx 

  • Hi 

    Thanks for your responses, Ive told her I don't want to row but wanted her to know I'm annoyed had it have been the other way round all hell would of broken lose. I agree it's all about us getting married so I'm not going to let it get to me any more. 


  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Isn't this the same post that was in here a couple of weeks ago? 

    Applogies to OP if not but it's almost identical 

  • No this has just happened this week, I only joined today I'm gonna have a look for that post tho 

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    I'd be fuming but like you say it's best to just get on with it what else can you really do. Do t let it affect your excitement for the wedding and enjoyment of the planning

  • She keeps sending me nasty messages saying I'm the one being out of order, I'm ignoring them. I wanted her to know I was pissed off but rather than have a chat and talk things through with me she gets nasty. She has brought my whole family into it even saying my dead grandad would be so upset by me! I'm thinking of just not inviting her and her family to the wedding! 

    I don't think it would be so bad if it wasnt such a unique venue and we liked the idea no one we knew had been married there. 

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    perhaps she is acting like this coz she knows shes in the wrong!? You've said you're annoyed but you aren't actually making any trouble or demands so what has she got to be angry about? Can't believe how some people can be so self centred!

  • I just wish she'd have spoken to me before and I'd have probably told her to go for it if she loved it that much. 

  • Rosegold017Rosegold017 Posts: 476

    I'd be really annoyed to be honest. There are so many venues out there, why pick the same one as a cousin and try to get in there first. Sounds like she knows full well she's in the wrong!

  • sugarmousesugarmouse Posts: 189

    Honestly I would probably not go to her wedding and uninvited her from mine, but that's just me. It's not the fact that she booked the same venue per say it's that she didn't care one bit about your feelings. People who try to make you feel uncomfortable or bad are toxic and like anything that's toxic they need to be disposed of carefully and as quickly as possible. I uninvited a couple of relatives from my family when it was clear my wedding and my feelings were of no importance to them and I got sick of having to make concessions. I realise this would be far too drastic a decision for most people to make and ordinarily it would for me, but sometimes we have just got to show other people we aren't doormats.

    Whatever you decide to do OP don't let it spoil your wedding day.  

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    I would be annoyed, yes, not necessarily because it's the same venue but because all my family would see it at her wedding first! It's really poor behaviour on her behalf.

  • Yes one of the reasons we picked that venue was because we didn't know anyone that had been married there. We have decided not to go to theirs and not to invite them to ours! Thank you for all your responses I'm glad I'm not overreacting like she says I am. 

  • LeeLawLeeLaw Posts: 107 New bride

    Honestly I think you are over-reacting.

    Yes be annoyed for a while but then get over it. I'm sure your weddings will be completely different and you're family so is it really worth cutting ties over?

    Honestly you get 1 day for your wedding, you can't control what anyone else does for the rest of the year. Plus at least it's a month before, she could have planned it for the week before or closer.

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