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Regular or new hairdresser

Are you using your regular hairdresser to do your wedding hair? x


  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    No, because she doesn't have any experience doing bridal hair.

  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    I think I have made a big mistake, I love my hairdresser and she and I both assumed she would do my hair. However, I had a trial 2 weeks ago and it didn't go well. I have 6 weeks until my wedding. I've booked another this week but I feel like crying x

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I also wanted a bridal specialist although my regular hairdresser does sometimes do bridal hair! But the lady I've gone with is a total bridal pro so I preferred that.

  • sonia9sonia9 Posts: 243

    im going to have to see how next trial goes :( 

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I dont have a regular hairdresser and avoid the places ! So mine is a professional in the theatre industry and i have my trial soon, we shall see...

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    I am having my usual hairdresser. She always comes to my house, I know her well and she knows how to do my hair well, I trust her. It does help that she's done my hair as a bridesmaid before too, so I know she can do bridal hair. 

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    My usual hairdresser. She's fab and does bridal hair. 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    My usual hairdresser is a colour specialist, and she does a mean curly blow, but she never learnt how to do updos!

    So Ive hired somebody else who works alongside the makeup artist Ive booked. This ones also an extensions specialist so will be able to advise me if I need anything added when I have a trial.

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    I've booked a bridal hair and make up specialist, I don't have a regular hairdresser as such and want someone I know is a pro x

  • August18August18 Posts: 247

    I uaed to be a hairdresser and do everything to my hair myself but I think il be getting a hairdresser For the wedding day.. x

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