where to marry in cyprus???

Hi all, me and my fiancé are hoping to get married in Cyprus in August 2018 - we have 3 children and are hoping to invite around 35 people, so all in that will be 40 people at the wedding.  We looked into a hotel wedding, however none of the nice hotels can accommodate 5 of us in the one room, the maximum people in one room is 4! And our guests will only be joining us for up to 5 days (we hoping to stay for 2 weeks) so we can't even put one of the kids in with a guest.  We also looked into 2 adjoining rooms but the 'fancy' hotels didn't do that :(

My question is, where else is nice to marry in cyprus?  My style is very modern, I love white so not really into wooden venues like most of the tavernas are.  Can you recommend anywhere?  I also don't like the idea of going to a different hotel to marry than what we are staying in because they charge you over the odds if you aren't actually staying there! i need help, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :) xx


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