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Photo Booths - Worth it or not?

Hi All,

Just wondered if any of you have had or are having a photo booth?

I've been to weddings where they have had them and thought they were great. Had ruled them out for our wedding due to cost but now seen a great offer for one so am re-considering! 

Would love to hear your thoughts xx


  • SheandHimSheandHim Posts: 379

    Make your own! All you need is a bit of plywood, some paint and some imagination! Google photobooths and you'll see an array of amazing ideas.

  • We have purchased one for out wedding, but I totally see why they cost so much. With ours we have it for 3 hours paying £595 but someone stays the whole time, we get a guest book and every photo will be printed twice so our guest get one and we get the other one for our guest book. But you think the price off the ink and photographic paper not to mention if their props get damaged you can understand the price. 

    Ive been to a wedding with one and I had such fun in it. 

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    We have them at our work do's and everyone loves them so I decided it was a must for our wedding. We went to a wedding fayre and got a discount on it so a good bargain

  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    We had one for our wedding (The Vintage Photobooth Company) and try we're great. We didn't want to do our own as we wanted everyone to put their photos in a guest book and figured if they only had one Polaroid snap they'd probably take it home. Plus sourcing the props, creating a frame and background and sorting out a camera and printer seemed like too much hassle. I'd definitely book one x

  • Mrs CashMrs Cash Posts: 209

    We're making our own and our photographer will be manning it after our first dance. I did consider hiring one but when I spoke to our photographer, he suggested he did it. I think they're worth having, whether it's a DIY or hired, they're so much fun, especially after a few drinks! 

  • We had one, it was fab.. got so many great photos from it!!

    Hired in the acutally booth.. but I decided to buy all the props, as wanted certain things, and then I knew it wouldn't matter if guests stole them haha

    The company were also meant to provide guest book, but I didn't like theirs so provided our own, to make stationary and silver pens etc

  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    We had one. It was fantastic! Everyone loved it. 

    We got all the pics on CD and there was a guestbook so people could stick their pics in or take them if they wanted. 

    Only a couple of almost-naked pics by the end of the night :S

  • Helen49Helen49 Posts: 15

    Definitely get one!!! Been to a few weddings myself and they are super fun!! Can recommend a great company ... based in Yorkshire ... it's a studio too not a booth so the picture quality is amazing and they are a bargain at only £250 and you get a disk with all the photos instead of prints so great for uploading to facebook etc!! or they are on facebook

    I have already booked them for my wedding and booking them for my brother's 40th birthday too!! 2 lady professional photographers and they are fantastic!!

    Hope that helps ... like I say they are a bargain price really, don't know how they do it so cheap! I have basically got two events out of them for the same price as one photo booth for one event!

  • Thanks all, we bit the bullet and booked after a fab deal on Groupon for a photo booth and candy cart! Our wedding is the 1st Nov so not long until we find out what people think.x


  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    We got married a month ago and had a photograph and all guests loved it - so I would 100% recommend it. 

  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    We are having one. I wanted it but my OH is a bit concerned about the cost - £350 but hopefully it will be worth it.

  • gemstargemstar Posts: 52

    We are having one too! My friend is a photographer in his spare time so he is doing the booth and reception photos for £500. WE are having our ceremony in vegas so no need for an all day photographer!

  • I want to have one, can anyone recommend companies that do guestbooks with the photos?

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    I totally recommend Party Pod in Sheffield. Paul was fantastic and he rallied everyone in it and the album is a gorgeous leather one! 



  • I love this idea but struggling to find a local(ish) one for a good price! Can anyone recommend any that would come to ruthin castle (North wales) without the crazy travel costs?

    Poppins, love that guest book image

    Thank you!

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    Trouble and strife where are you based?

  • thats exactly the sort of thing Im after Poppins. I just need to find a company that does them in East Sussex image

  • I also want to try everything that is good for my wedding if not consider the budget,I am sorry to say I don't have much budget for my wedding,so I have to cost money that really worth it.You can weight if it worth the money!

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    We had previously decided that we weren't going to have one, but now I think I want to see if we can fit a photobooth and guest book into the budget! 

  • Dom4Dom4 Posts: 1

    I met these fellas with a photo booth about two months ago in zoo. All the kids wanted to have a picture with a lion that was printed out on the backdrop, so there was a huge line pretty much all the time even though it seemed to be working really fast. My youngest couldn’t leave without a picture, so we just had to wait. It was great quality and we also had a chance to send it via e-mail to share it with the rest of the family. I was so excited I had to ask for a business card to use them later at our corporate party or something.

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