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Has anyone used Events Nationwide - for chair covers / sashes?

I wasn't going to get chair covers as I thought they were an unnecessary cost and I needed 180,however, they are doing a deal at the moment which looks like great value for money. There is a part of me which thinks this is too good to be true.

Can anyone help?





  • Hiya! Did you go with them in the end? I am curious as considering them and feel the same as you!

  • Cara18Cara18 Posts: 101
    Hi Sophie,
    I didn't book with them as I couldn't find anyone or reviews about them.
    Sophie665 wrote (see post):

    Hiya! Did you go with them in the end? I am curious as considering them and feel the same as you!

  • Dan20Dan20 Posts: 2

    Dont use this company! They are the worst company ever, completely rude, hound you continuously by sending invoices for no reason! Constant threatening emails etc. The linen was terrible, full of holes and stains. This company completely ruined the aftermath of our wedding and would highly recommend avoiding them!!

  • Made an account to say avoid this company.

    ordered a trial chair cover. it was ripped and stained.

    stupidly decided to still use company (they said they would deliver extra chair covers in case of a couple of ripped ones)

    They put the wrong address for the courier and the chair covers never arrived.

    emailed them to complain - no response in 48 hours

    Stay away.

  • Never got any response from this company. Had to go through paypal to get a refund (thank god i paid with paypal)

    I would advise avoiding this company. If you do order with them then i suggest as a minimum that you pay by either credit card or paypal!

    its strange that the company is not registered anywhere that can leave a review(yell, trust pilot etc)?

  • This company is beyond a joke. I'm still dealing with them right now after they had supplied me with ripped and stained chair covers. in addition they didn't even send me the correct number of covers. ordered 70 and received 51 meaning i hadn't enough chairs for people at a sit down meal! 

    Their customer service is non-existent and now that they have received the goods back, they are claiming i haven't returned the sashes! they are in the same box!

    they threaten to fine you for leaving them tied in the box as well which is interesting as they came in knots when i received them. conveniently, it is now proving impossible to get in contact with the appropriate people to deal with it. luckily i paid with paypal so i will have to get a refund through them.

    please avoid at all costs - they may be cheap but its not worth ruining your day. 


    They are thieves and an extremely disloyal, untrusyworthy organisation.

    They caused myself and my partner an awful amount of stress due to their complete incompetence on the days running up to our wedding.

    We hired 100 chair covers with sashes from them 6 months prior to our wedding - they sent just 64 stained, dirty, grotty chair covers with burn holes in some 2 days before our wedding. not to mention they sent the wrong colour sashes. the company did absolutely nothing to help rectify the situation and we were instead forced to find another supplier 2 days before our wedding. i am now fighting to get my money back from them which they are refusing to do, i have had to make a dispute theough paypal.

    I would hate for another person to go through this! If they can't do what they apparently specialise in correctly, they shouldn't be in business at all, they are a disgrace and complete con artists.



  • under NO CIRCUMSTANCES hire from this company!!!! we hired 6 rectangular table cloths all the same size for our daughters wedding. the day before, they delivered 5 circular, poor quality an dirty!! customer service is none existent. we left message after message to try an rectify the situation. no reply!!! I wished we had held on to them until they returned our money. a week later my husband got through to someone who asked him to go on hold while they dealt with it. it soon became apparent that no one was coming back an it was just another ploy to get rid of us!! it is a crooked organisation an I URGE anyone to steer well clear!!! fortunately for us PRIORY CLEANERS of Worcester came to our aid with some beautiful quality table cloths an superb service. we have used them again since and we cant recommend enough! they are cheaper to!DO NOT BE TEMPTED

  • PLEASE DONT USE THIS COMPANY! It all seems very tempting as prices are good etc, but you will inevitably have a bad experience. Trust the reviews!

  • Good morning,


    I am Anna, the NEW owner of the company Events Nationwide. 

    I came across this thread and made an account especially to inform anyone reading this that this company is now under new management from August 2018. 

    I‘m very sorry to hear about some of the bad experiences you had under the Previous management.

    I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that our aim is to satisfy each and every one of our customer.

    Please don’t hesitate contacting us to give us an opportunity to win back your confidence with the new owners. 


    Many thanks



  • Avoid. Scammers. 
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