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Videographer... Yes or No?

Hi all! 

So I have always said NO I don't want my Wedding recorded..  but recently I've looked at these amazing videos and I'm wondering if I don't get it done, will I regret it? 

I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a videographer but I don't want to regret having the day recorded.

What are your thoughts?! Did you have yours recorded and was it realistically worth it.. i.e. Was it worth the money or do you watch it enough?! 




  • CE26CE26 Posts: 351 New bride

    My OH wasn't originally fussed about a video but I really wanted one. Now he says it was a great idea and he's so glad I persuaded him. 

    I have it on my phone and I have a sneaky watch at least once a month at the moment of the montage and we've been married for about 8 months now. We've watched it together quite a few times too since the big day.  

    The day goes so quickly and there are so many elements you don't get to see, it's lovely to be able to watch it all back.

    If you don't fancy paying for a professional there are companies where you can rent the cameras to give to friends and relatives - the company then edit the footage for you. Or if you know someone who has a decent camera ask them to record the ceremony and maybe speeches at least. 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Make the money for it if you can- our wedding video is one of my favorite things from the wedding! We chose a cheap videographer at £600, you don't need a fancy expensive one. I love watching the speeches again especially, as well as all the little moments we didn't see!

  • MrsM2018MrsM2018 Posts: 142

    Get one! I don't know a single couple who have regretted having a wedding video. Aside from getting to relive the day a little, the video is the only real opportunity to take part in moments you missed. It's almost like experiencing the day from the guest perspective. Plus, you get to show your kids! We semi-regularly dust off my parents wedding video to poke fun at 80s fashion and it's always amazing to see that different dimension to them

    We're definitely having one (and I feel we got a very good price). 

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    I was like you, the girls on here convinced me to have one, there are some recommendations of companies too on this thread


  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    We aren't having one.

    It's not just the cost, although it would have eaten up a huge proportion of our budget - probably 20% - 25% of it - which would have meant the rest of the wedding was so compromised there wouldn't have been much to video!

    I dislike having my photo taken, and have had real issues about the way I look for many years, sometimes preventing me from leaving the house.  Counselling has helped a lot, but I think if I felt there was a camera on me most of the time I couldn't relax and enjoy the day.

    I think they are lovely to look back on though and I can see why so many couples choose to have them if their budget allows.

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride

    I had one for my first wedding and the thing I love most is that I get to see people who have since passed on, my dad and grandma in particular. U get to see their mannerisms and hear them speak Rather than just looking a picture of them. Obviously that didn't work out but I don't regret it as my dad got to walk me down the aisle 

  • We are definitely having one, as family and friends that didn't have one say it's the one thing they regret not doing. I will love watching it on a Sunday with a brew :)

  • EpiphanyEpiphany Posts: 718

    Oooh, looking like I'm definitely in the minority on this one then! x

  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    I originally said definitely not as I couldn't imagine ever watching it more than once or twice and for that reason couldn't justify the price. However, the closer I got to the wedding, the more videos I watched, which turned me into an emotional wreck and I thought I can't not have a videographer. We managed to find someone just starting out so we only paid for travel expenses but it was the best decision we made. I love the video. It captures the whole atmosphere of the day. If you can afford one, you won't regret it.

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    We didnt have one as I dont think we'd watch it and it would have made me nervous tbh. We spent big on photography instead and we have several images in our house and love looking through our album. No regrets! 

  • Jessica228Jessica228 Posts: 98

    ooh we hadn't planned to have one but you guys are kind of selling it to me! Can anyone recommend a good company?

  • Emma624Emma624 Posts: 137

    Yes! Nearly every thread I talk about getting one! The video companies need to start paying me commission lol! The only reason I'm so passionate about this is because we were never going to have one - then I started looking at videos online and with two months to go I said to H2B "I want one!" We thought we couldn't afford it - we got quoted £1400 for the most basic package - however with two months to go and knowing they were available I thought I would try my luck - I cut things out such as bridal preparations - the room would have been too crowded anyway and said the most important thing was my daughter and step son walking down the aisle (obv as they were going first - I wouldn't get to see it). They knocked £400 off and they were amazing - very discreet also - I wasn't made to feel a camera was being shoved in my face - two camera people, a highlights video that I could share with social media and it's the closest thing you can get to a guest's perspective - people's reactions are not caught as well in a photo and things like the speeches - you will not remember every part of it, if you can budget for it please make a videographer as important as a photographer! It's depressing but once your wedding is over it really is over and the video has really helped me with the post wedding blues I love it.

  • SpacepuffinSpacepuffin Posts: 664 New bride

    We're not having one. I'm confident that we won't watch it and h2b is dead set against having to sacrifice other things for it. I've seen videos of myself in the past and it makes me cringe. We'll have to rely on our photographer..... Fingers crossed.

  • CFWCFW Posts: 234

    I am in the minority here too! I don't plan on getting one as I just think it is such an expense and I find them a bit dry if I am honest! What we are going to do instead is ask the ushers to take my H2B's Go Pro around with him on the day and ask people to record video messages for us and to capture some of the big moments (speeches, dances, etc). It's free and they are quite excited about having a laugh with it so hopefully it works out ok! :)

  • Thanks for all of your opinions guys! Sorry for the delay in commenting. I'm definitely going to have a look through the threads of the recommendations - hopefully I can find a cheap one!




  • jo185jo185 Posts: 4

    My sister had hers done by a company in kent called digital balloon they're amazing too lads are very talented go and check the out.


  • We aren't having one, its something we might watch once then the DVD will end up a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.  Lot of money too!  And, I hate being filmed. Just having a photographer.

  • Sam168Sam168 Posts: 3

    Im a recent film graduate and did a wedding video for a friend which she loved so much it made her cry when she watched it! They don't have to be cheesy or expensive. Message me if you are interested I cover Essex, Kent, Herts, Suffolk, East London and Cambridgeshire.

  • My partner and I hired a wedding videographer London based when we got married, and we seriously don’t regret doing so! A wedding video is such a great way to preserve the memories of this very special and intimate event. We thought we could easily watch the video even as we get older and even show it to our future kids. Wedding videographers have the required experience to produce a high-quality, cinematic output for you. They know the right camera angles to use, the perfect moments to capture, and the editing techniques that’ll make the clips more beautiful. Furthermore, it’s better to work with a professional wedding videographer, because unlike your amateur friends/relatives, they use the latest camera equipment. For instance, they have light reflectors, tripods, and professional audio recorders that can help produce a high-quality video.

  • I would 110% recommended it. It’s probably my favourite thing from the wedding, I could sit and watch it on repeat all day! 
  • I really want one, but just cant afford it. im having my cousin whos doing media for his A Levels film it. I know it wont be the same, and i do worry, but we dont have £1,000+ for one :( 
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