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Hi to all you future and past brides of Santorini, I am looking for a little advice. Myself and my partner have been looking at Santorini as a wedding destination for so long, and after many months of googling we have decided on Santo Winery for the ceremony and Pygros Restaurant for the reception. There will be 40 there altogether, including 8 kids aged between 2 and 10.  My questions are:

Which wedding planner did you go with? i'v been in contact with a few local santorini planners, ionian weddings and perfect weddings abroad.  They all differ so much in price that i can't understand it.  Do you pay less and get cheap service or do you pay the most and get what you pay for?

Would i need to book transport for guests from the ceremony to the reception? They say its about a 15 min walk, i can't imagine 40 people wandering down the road for 15 mins in wedding outfits, but planners have said not many people book transport??

Where is good to stay for kids?  Im thinking the seaside town of Kamari would be best?? Do hotels in Santorini do evening entertainment?

Did you have a DJ or what entertainment would be good?  Cant decide whether to have a DJ or have Greek musicians and then just use iPod for music afterwards.  

How much did you pay for everything, including hair make up food drinks etc?

What time did you get married?  I like the idea of 3pm but would this be too hot?

Thanks in advance for reading my post and hopefully being able to share your stories.  :) xxxx



  • Hi Bride2be9,

    You choose a great venue for the ceremony, Santo Winery has amazing view, very near to Pyrgos 15 minutes by walk but they will need transfer I think because it will be a wedding and is not the best for them to walk. If you want you can book your reception in the same venue Santo Winery, they have also amazing private terrace for reception and with this way you will have caldera view in this time, where Pyrgos has not caldera view. Also Santorini Gem is just opposite to Santo Winery and you can check there also prices, they can combine also ceremony and reception too or only ceremony.

    About a good place to stay with kinds of course Kamari is nice but more expensive than Perissa, try to find Perissa hotel on the beach with swimming pool where the prices are better. If you looking for a wedding planner and you think you will book Pyrgos restaurant than the best way is to have Divine Weddings Santorini as a planner who is the daughter of Pyrgos restaurant and maybe they will help you more, tell them my name Ben Rigas and maybe they will make you good packages.

    About the ceremony time 3pm will be desaster for Santorini, too hot and the light is bad for photography, my yesterday wedding was 6pm and it was nice because after we took family pictures and when the sun and sky become oragne with sunset we made the cutting cake and first dance which was AMAZING, take a look some 5-6 pictures from this bride from our next day we make it today (I add 1 picture also from the first kiss with rose petals from Santorini Gem):

    Hope those helps you for start, and if you looking for good and economy photographer + videographer try to check our latest work in instagram facebook and vimeo and we can make you free drone + free next day with %20 better price. Our email is [email protected]

    Ben from Wedding Stories 

  • Bride2Be9Bride2Be9 Posts: 11 New bride

    Hi Ben, thanks so much for your reply! Your work looks stunning!!! What would you recom for the reception, to have it in the winery or in pyrgo? I can't see many photos of the winery as a reception so don't know what to do. Also have you got any planners that you could recommend? :)

  • GillP2GillP2 Posts: 332

    Hi Bride2Be9, Congratulations.

    With regards to wedding planners, there are lots on the island who are very experienced and recommended, I'm using Nikos from Santorini Weddings and cannot fault him to date. We paid 600 Euros and he is helping with suppliers, booking celebrant and the legal side. 

    I would book transport for your guests, I personally would for the sake of 100/200 euros. 

    Kamari is definitely best for families and kids, I'm not sure about evening entertainment, you;d be best to check direct. There is an open air cinema and waterpark there though. 

    We're not hiring musicians or DJ, we couldn't justify the money and are using a playlist, but think we will hire Greek dancers or plate smashing. 

    We have booked 4.30pm for ceremony, guests to arrive from 4pm at Dana Villas.

    Hope this helps xx

  • Chels xChels x Posts: 17

    Hi Bride2Be9,

    Congrats on your engagement.

    We are currently in the process of planning our wedding in Santorini and I can remember how daunting it was when we first started planning back in April.

    We are having our ceremony at 4pm at Santo Winery, both our wedding planner and photographer agreed this would be a good time. Not too hot, plenty of time for the evening and time for pictures during the 'golden hour'. I think 3pm would be OK but you might want to stay towards 4/4.30pm just to be safe.

    Like you, all of the different wedding packages by different planners confused me and most advised I would have to use their choice of vendors. I follow Tie the Knot and Santorini Glam Weddings on Insta and wow they design some beautiful weddings! I am a bit of a control freak and didn't like the idea of paying a large amount and not having any say in vendors so I decided to just have someone help coordinate the day. We chose Ever After Days (Recommended by Santo Winery, she is wonderful, we paid 500 euros and so far she has booked our ceremony, helped locate us a private villa for the reception (24 people), recommended plenty of vendors and confirmed with the DJ/caterers for our wedding. She also owns a transport company and her quotes are brilliant.

    I would book transport between the ceremony and reception - we were originally going to book Pygros (they didn't have our date available) and I checked out the route on google maps and it doesn't look like a pleasant walk and I don't think it will cost too much (would recommend Ever After Days Transport).

    Kamari and Perissa seem to be the best areas for family and more affordable, not sure on evening entertainment but it might be worth checking out villas if there are any big familys.

    We have booked a DJ for 5 hours (Events in Santorini), they come highly recommended and I see a lot of people on insta using them. When we were originally booking Pygros as our reception venue they quoted me 450 euros for 4 to 5 hours for DJ and 290-450 for lighting depending on what you want (fairy lights, strobes etc). They work at a lot of weddings at Pygros. However it's completely up to you, I have seen videos of greek dancers and plate smashing and everyone looks like they are having so much fun!

    As far as I'm aware Pygros offer food and drink packages and they aren't very expensive - send them an email and they will send through the options. Donkey Ride at Pygros is 100 euro and plate smashing is 1 euro per plate. [email protected].com.  

    I believe I am going to book Renia Bledaki who comes highly recommended (there are lots of people on the island who do bridal hair/makeup quoting similar prices): Bridal Package (Hair and Makeup): 300,00 €, Bridal Makeup: 170,00 €, Bridal Hair: 170,00 €, Airbrush makeup (in addition to the normal bridal makeup): 100,00 €, Guest Makeup: 80,00 €, Guest Hair(depends on style , length etc): 65€ - 80€. Please note that for more than 4 persons you will have a 10% discount and for more than 10 persons a 20% discount.

    Bit of a messy response sorry lol - I hope this helps somehow :)

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  • Chels xChels x Posts: 17


  • Chels xChels x Posts: 17
    Bride2Be9 wrote (see post):

    Hi Ben, thanks so much for your reply! Your work looks stunning!!! What would you recom for the reception, to have it in the winery or in pyrgo? I can't see many photos of the winery as a reception so don't know what to do. Also have you got any planners that you could recommend? :)


    Just on this point I know Santo Winery offer a discount if you book your ceremony and reception with them however I do see a lot of people booking their reception at Pyrgos instead (not sure why maybe cost). I know there is a fee to have your reception at Santo and it is free at Pyrgos.


  • Hi bride2be9,

    Sorry for the delay of my answer but we run with weddings :)

    I totaly recommend Santo Winery for both, the view there is AMAZING, Pyrgos has no view is not in Caldera but the good is their food. If the prices are close I higlhy recommend SantoWinery as photographer, or Santorini Gem for both too, which is exactly opposite to SantoWinery. I have a great friend wedding planner if you want to tell you more details sent me an email to [email protected]

    Please check also my last video teaser from LeCiel in the above link:

    Try to search a lot and to avoid unecessery cost, i can help you in any question you may have even you will not book me as your photographer :)

    Ben from Wedding Stories

  • Hi congratulations for your upcoming wedding.

    I believe the option to have your ceremony to Santo and your party to Pyrgos is excellent, you ll definetelly need a sattle bus! If you will do both at Santo wines it is also a good choice.

    The venue of Santo wines it is not as Pyrgos, but it is protected from rain and wind! 

    I am working at Santorini, and all over Greek Islands as a wedding dj, lighting Company. 

    If you have not booked a wedding dj, lighting, sound and effect company we are at your disposal

    If you have the time to take a look to our job there is a link below.

    If you need more details about venue etc, i will be more than happy to help anyway i can!

    at : [email protected]

    If you wish to find a planer i can suggest wedding in Greece (John Pasaris owner) is the man for everything you need!

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