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Hello fellow bride of existing brides

I have booked my wedding for September 2018, We have booked with wedding planner Nikos Sirgios from Santorini Weddings.We have booked the Villa Irini for our cermoney and Pyrgos Resturant for afterwards.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had there evening reception in Pyrgos or is? I just want a little bit of inspiration on how I can decorate the room and if I can do it all myself, do a bit of DIY myself  or can anyone suggest anything? I don't really want to pay a lot for decorations while we are there.


Kirsty :)



  • Hi Kirsty,

    I had a wedding with Nikos Sirigos before 1 month, his work is good and as I know they are a family company. Santo Irini for my opinion is the best wedding venue in Santorini because after ceremony has some amazing spots for photos.

    About decoration please sent to Betty Flowers Santorini and she will help you in anything you want, do not add a lot of decoration as it will be only for 2-3 hours. Another florist company`s in Santorini is Santorini-Flowers and Wedding Wish.

    We are Wedding Stories Photography and if you like our work sent us an email. We have an offer for "youandyourwedding" with:

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    Please if you need any help about santorini sent me an email and I will help you even you will not bool us.

    Ben from Wedding Stories

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