Should I feed both day and evening guests?

Right so me and my fiancé are going to be getting married at 3pm. We are hoping to have a hog roast instead of the formal 3 course sit down meal. My dilemma is do I just feed the 50 guests that are coming to the ceremony, or do we also feed the extra 50 who are coming to the evening do. I would like to have all 100 people having something to eat from the hog roast, but I'm worried that by the time the evening guests arrive the guests who are attending the ceremony will be starving. Any suggestions would be great, thanks x 


  • RS2017RS2017 Posts: 198

    I think you need to provide food twice, once in the day for the day guests and again in the evening. Day guests will want food later as well.

    Could you lay on some cheese or something in the evening If hot food is difficult?

  • Daisy29Daisy29 Posts: 44

    Hi Chelsey, I agree I think feeding both is a good idea or you might end up with a lot of drunk guests! What time are your evening guests arriving?

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