Wedding dress wobbles and fears with 6 weeks to go !!

Hi there,

So I had another fitting last night and my dress is too big for me around the bust area making everything look out of proportion as the rest of the dress is fine and now I'm freaking out. Im getting the dress taken it at the sides to make it smaller but now I'm seriously panicking if it still doesn't fit after that and it ends up looking awful. I love the dress but it just doesn't fit me right and with 6 weeks to go I'm really feeling so anxious over this. Has anyone else felt like this before or had problems with dresses not fitting? 

Thanks x 


  • Yes it's totally normal! I had a fitting at the weekend with 2 weeks to go to the wedding and it still needs taking in a bit! I'm just leaving it to them to sort and not worrying about it! 6 weeks is still a lot of time to alter the dress. 

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    I would try not to worry, 6 weeks is plenty of time for the seamstress to get it altered correctly and i'm sure once it fits right you will love it again!

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