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I'm having a nightmare, is there anyone out there who has found any nice bridal underwear which is strapless and does not give that horrible "duck nose effect". x


  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    maybe you could explain what you mean: I am confuseed
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    hi classychick my dress woman suggested panache underwear. mines also strapless and these are supposed to be really good available in most department stores
  • what i mean is that horrible pointed look that some strappless bras give - thanks kel2 will try them!
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I wore the basque off this page: and it was FANTASTIC and totally comfortable all day and it didn't give me pointy anything!!!
  • PippaukPippauk Posts: 146
    I'm also probably going for a basque. i went for a fitting and rigby and peller and it was really helpful.
  • depends on ur chest size. i am also wearing strapless dress. just started looking 4 undies. im going 4 simple unlined. dont wear lace its too itchy 4 all day wear. i think im going 2 have 2 get a plain strapless bra from bravissimo as i cant get bras in my size on the hight street. make sure u get measured 2 ensure u are actually wearing right size. got measured last week. have always worn 34 and 4 the last6 or more yrs have been dd cup. was measured and told im actually a 30E! (WHAT?!) most shops dont do a 3o back. was also told if going 4 strapless 2 actually buy a 32dd as strapless bras are usually made a bit smaller so they dont move about. its all so confusing and now my choices are even more limited. i dont want to spend£50 or more on a bra. bravissimo start at about £25 a bra.
  • misselukmisseluk Posts: 2
    I too was fitted for a bra when i went to look for a strapless bra for my dress and instead of a 34B I'm actually a 30C! so i have the same problem about the lack of choice. i got my bra from debenhams, ended up with a 32C on the tightest fastening on the back and it fits really well.
  • i really need to get measured too actually been needing it since i had our daughter (almost 3 years ago!!) wearing a 36D just now but dunno if thats right i'm scared of shop people though. boobs have gone slightly south since pregnancy, like they do and i'm only 23!!! look like an old woman!! will have to bite the bullet before big day though as i too want a strapless dress!! oh well...
  • Does anyone know of any strapless bras that push your boobs upwards rather than hold them all in tight??
  • minsters041minsters041 Posts: 108
    John Lewis has a good selection of bras including strapless that look good, however I decided to go for a bra with see through straps and have spagetthi straps put on my wedding gown to hide them.

    I came to the conclusion that I might as well not wear a strapless bra for the support it gave me!!
  • All this talk of being measured i think i better add that to my list for when i am back in UK my bra's have been feeling a little big for a few months now (good in a way i guess - must be losing weight - wrong area though lol). Do Debenhams offer this service? I have an appointment with them for my gift list whilst i am back so i could slip in a bra fitting too!!

    If not do you know of any other high street shops who offer the service?

    Thanks everyone xx
  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    I'm not sure about Debenhams but I know Marks and Spencers and Bhs do though.
  • Great thanks Joey i will call them to arrange an appointment.

    have a good day xx
  • Ali88ukAli88uk Posts: 58
    Does anyone know of any strapless bras that push your boobs upwards rather than hold them all in tight??

    I have a fab one I bought from Debenhams specifically to wear for dress trying-on! It's from their own range and I think they come in a few colours - I got the flesh tone (practical but not the most attractive!). It not only stays up really well, sosts less than £20 and has smooth T-shirt type cups, but it's got the wonderbra style shaping inside so it really gives you some oomph. I'm a 32C and with this bra on I look at least a D - keep surprising myself when I look down!! image
  • John Lewis do a good fitting and like everyone else I wasvery surprised I was a 30 DD-when did that happen! seen a nice strapless wonderbra in JL...but no matching knickers..
  • superfursuperfur Posts: 11
    I am wearing a strapless dress which is quite low on the back and is lace up. I am only 36A and would like something to give me a boost!!! I think you would be able to see the back on a strapless dress so was thinking about those invisible bras that you stick on!! Has anyone got one? Do you find them any good and do they give you anymore cleavage???
  • Hi Ali

    What make was the bra you bought from Debenhams, definitely want to go get one of them!


    Just looked on Debenhams website and at their own make bras and i'm not sure whihc bra it is you have, is it the liquid filled tshirt one or the plunge padded tshirt one??

    Thanks ever so much.

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  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    How about this superfur?

    I'm going to buy this from but the picture is better on the other website as it shows the back. Like you my dress has abit of a low back and a normal strapless bra isn't any good. Stick on are ok if it's really low though... You might want to test first though, I've heard of people being allergic to the sticky stuff they use and come out in a rash!
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