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THE REPORT! - A Tuscan Fairytale 10.06.17

So the time has finally arrived for me to write my very own wedding report. I have enjoyed reading everyone else's, but wanted to wait until we had our official photo's. We are not great at taking pictures anyway and we only had a few from our sneak peek...but last night the pictures finally dropped and they brought back so many happy memories.

I make no apologies for being waffly, or going into lots of detail as I want to capture every moment as I remember it.

The Bride: Victoria

The Groom: Spencer

How we met:

So for those that are new to the site and haven't seen my planning thread, Spencer and I met through online dating in June 2012. I always make a joke about the fact that he is the best £79 I have ever spent. My membership was expiring, I had dated a lot of frogs and still not found my prince and I was ready to give up, I then picked up a lovely message from a guy who had taken the time to read my profile, we exchanged a few emails but hadn't mentioned the 'lets meet date' so I stumped up the cash and the following week we met up on the day after he moved to the town I was living in and the day before his birthday.

That first date was amazing, we met outside Pizza Express, went for a coffee, which turned into lunch and was followed by ice cream from a local parlour around the corner (which he had googled and trip advised as he knew from reading my profile how much I love ice cream). As soon as I got home, I took a deep breath and sent a text saying how I would love to see him again but would leave the ball in his court...he came straight back saying he couldn't wait, and that was the start.


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    Ah what a lovely intro More More More!


  • Fast forward 3 1/2 years and while out walking the dog in January 2016, Spence raised the subject of marriage, it had never come up before and I knew Spence was the one I was going to be spending forever with so never felt the need to push it. I had thought that if it was going to happen it would have been when we went to New York for my birthday 2 months earlier and we did a helicopter flight. I said I didn't have an issue, my first marriage finished amicably and asked how he felt about it and he said the same, and that was the end of the conversation.

    Valentines came and went.

    Annual trip to Italy, including Venice (again) came and went

    In June, we went to Santorini for a sneaky sun break as we had a mega trip booked for the end of the year. Before we went I researched some boating day trips as we had done a couple of wonderful small day cruises over the previous summers, I shared what I had found with Spence and asked if he fancied it...he was so non committal that I left it, a few days before I raised it again and he said no thanks, he hadn't really enjoyed this point I am thinking 'you arse, I know you loved it so why don't you want to do it' but didn't push it but shared with my girlfriends what an arse he was being. So day 3 of the holiday after breakfast Spence asked if I had received an email from our dog sitters as we have usually heard from I checked and there was an email from Spence. It was titled come sail with me, and in the message it just we are being picked up at 1 for a sunset cruise, sailing snorkelling and a do you feel about it? 

    Ar 1pm we were picked up in a really smart black luxury car, not the mini van I was expecting, we arrived at the dock and all the other cars and vans were arriving and we waited for the boats to come in. We got out and followed the driver in the opposite direction to the other parties, at this point I still hadnt clocked that this was a private cruise. It was only when we were on board and the crew started pushing off that I realised no one else was joining us. At this point I still has no idea, we swam, we ate and then Spence asked me to go with him to the front of the boat where he got down on one knee and proposed, pulling out a small black box which has the most perfect princess cut solitaire diamond with diamond platinum was exactly what I would have chosen. 

    He then gave the thumbs up to the crew who popped the cork on the champagne and we sailed back to the harbour watching the sunset.

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    Hooray at last! Can't wait for more.

  • Thanks VegasLou, I have been dying to start writing this.

    Wedding - 7 days

    I broke up for work on the Friday and on the Saturday before the wedding I had a lovely morning in the hairdressers being thoroughly spoilt while they did my roots and put some more flashes of colour in and was super excited finally about picking my dress up. Alterations had been a bit of a nightmare and we had started joking about needing a back up dress. At what was the last fitting the sweetheart neckline was still not sitting correctly - a manufacturing fault, where the bones were to short, so we arranged for collection at 4pm on the Saturday before.

    When I got to the shop I asked to try the dress on again to make sure that the neckline had been fixed. It was now sitting perfectly, but as I looked down I noticed a small piece of beaded lace near the seam that was loose, I pointed this out and the seamstress was calm and so was I, it was a two second job to hand stich it back on.

    Off she went to get some needle and cotton and I stood admiring myself in the mirror and gently swishing, when I noticed another small piece near the hem, the seamstress came back in pinned the first piece, then picked up the lace skirt and at that point it was apparent that the whole of the lace around the hem and train had only been loosely tacked back on, when it had been removed for shortening.....cue internal panic for me and calmness from the seamstress.

    "Its okay, the wedding is on Saturday we have time"

    "yes, the wedding is on Saturday BUT in Italy, we fly on Tuesday morning"

    "oh, okay...can you come back Monday at 4 it will be ready"

    So I left the shop still without a dress.

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    Ooh I am so excited to read this! I'm a 2019 Tuscany bride :)

    Cliffhanger with the dress issue.... poor you with that worry right before you fly! I hope it got sorted and didn't bring your blood pressure up too much! 


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    Agh! I think most of us here would have been in a major panic over the dress. Thank goodness the seamstress was calm and that it was noticed.

  • Wedding - 7 days

    I had just a few last minute prep jobs to complete and I had brought some nice paper to print a welcome and order of the weekend letter to our guests, and this would be placed in there rooms along with a welcome bag.As I am prepping to print, H2B states that he thinks we should now have an order of service...I explained that we had discussed this and felt that for a Civil Ceremony that this would be a waste of money and not bring anything to the proceedings. So I agree to have a look on Pinterest for some simple styles that we could copy but using our design and font and then agreed that I would print them at home on the Sunday as I would need to get some card, we only needed 13 it was not going to be a huge job.

    I then thought I know we can also print off our vows with nice little cards that say His Vows and Her Vows, if I set up the template and leave him to just copy and print his as we were keeping them secret.

    Talk about last

    Wedding - 6 days

    So after a leisurely breakfast we head off to town, and I buy all of the supplies that I need to get craft, including printer ink card, glue, ribbon, pearls, and printer ink just in case.

    At 6pm, I sat down and drew up the designs for the OoS and the His and Her Vows cards, by 7:30 once I had run some tests on paper I was ready to go. I had 6 Welcome letters, 13 OoS and 2 Vow cards that should take no time at all to print.

    I load the card for the OoS into the printer and it clicks, and whirs and then does nothing else, I tried again, and again. I then tried the Vow card as this was slightly thinner as it was just for us and the same thing happened...finally I tried the paper and you guessed it the same thing happened. After years of loyal service our printer died the day I needed it most.

    Talk about stressed, so I went downstairs and explained the problem. H2B being totally chilled, just looked at me and said order it through, and have it sent to my sisters house they can bring it with them.

    So I sat down again in front on the computer, adapted the designs to fit the stationary, paid extra for delivery before 1pm on Thursday and pressed buy now, it was now 10pm, my simple 2 hour job had taken 4. I got the order confirmation and told Spence that they were on the way, who said I had better ring my sister and let her know that these are coming and that she needs to bring them with her.

    5 minutes later I am having a total bridezilla moment, even though they were not flying out till the Friday they were leaving at 6am on the Thursday to drop the dog off with friends and then heading to Bristol...I just couldn't get my head round why they couldn't delay there journey for a few hours as they would still be in Bristol in plenty of time for a relaxing evening and dinner.

    I get straight onto my mum to see when she would need to leave home (had to use public transport as she doesn't drive) then back online to email the customer service desk asking for the address to be changed to my mums.

    I have to say the amount of stress this caused was incredible especially as we didn't actually need any of them. They were all nice to haves. Fortunately the team at Printed were brilliant, they turned our order round super quick and got it to my mums on the Wednesday, so it could have been delivered to SIL if I had maybe asked if it could be rushed through,


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    Okay, so I never finished my report. Literally the day after my last post my world collapsed, long boring story that I wont share - I fell into a black hole and then at the end of January things started to turn around. It’s times like this that you realise that some things happen for a reason and I can really count my blessings that I have an amazing husband and some true friends and the future couldn’t look rosier.

    So with all that said, I am back to get some hints / tips and inspiration fron you lovely ladies for my new Bridal shop, opening in September. I have already secured 2 designers and just signed the lease for the shop and whilst I am here I am going to finish my report, better late than never. 

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    So pleased you’re back!! Can’t wait for the rest of your report.

    sorry you’ve been having a bad time of it but it’s looks like things are on the up. Congrats on the new bridal shop, how exciting! 

  • Victoria197Victoria197 Posts: 722 New bride

    Thanks VegasLou, when I logged on a few days ago and saw your thread, I binge read it to catch up. Can’t believe that your day is nearly here!

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Ah thank you, it’s come round so fast, I can’t believe it myself! 

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