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I am in desperate need for a reception venue that isn't going to cost me a deposit for a house!!!!

We are having approximately 250-300 guests. 

We have sourced our caterer and decorator already and would like to bring in our own caterer as we are a Ugandan/Nigerian couple.

I am beyond FED UP of staring at quotes in 12,000 + and need something REALISTIC!!!!

Hubby and I both have quite expensive taste - so naturally want our wedding to ooze class, elegance and sophistication - but not break the bank!!!!



  • I think you're going to struggle with that many guests to find somewhere that is both affordable and elegant! I'd be looking at public spaces available for hire like church halls etc. Especially if you've already hired in outside caterers/decorators this seems like your best (and pocket friendliest) option.

  • We paid not much less for 60 day guests and 150 evening. 

    Not sure of what you are after or where you are, but I agree with MrsRendall, for those numbers, you may struggle if you aren't willing to compromise and get a more humble venue x


  • If you want it to ooze class, elegance etc then you need to be realistic that it will cost for such a large number of guests.

    I can only afford 75 day and 90 evening.

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Your best bet is to look at some kind of function or banquet hall. A lot of wedding venues won't even hold that many guests to start with. The difficulty is that if you've already sourced a caterer thst could limit your choices even further as a lot of places will have their own supplier lists, but if you let us know where you are someone might have some recommendations. 

  • Most of my family are in London with hubby's family flying in so ideally London, Essex, Surrey.

  • Have you looked in to The Regency in North London?

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