Is it worth the money for one day?

Really interesting article and comments on it here



  • I read this the other day! It's such a tricky topic. My first reaction was "bloody hell, £40,000 on one day!" Then I's so easy to judge how much other people spend on their wedding day but to be honest it's all relative, and it's no one else's business!

    I really applaud the couples who manage to do it for less than a couple of grand, but also I totally understand couples (like me and my H2B) who want to have a big wedding with lots of family and friends around them. As long as you're not getting yourself into debt to pay for one day, then fair enough.

    My h2b and I have saved for 2 years to have the wedding we want. People make comments on how much we're spending (approx. £18k) but we're lucky enough to be in the position to do so, so why should people have a problem with it? Yes, we could have saved that money but we're lucky enough to already have a house and no other major/important things to save for.

    We could easily judge how much other people spend on cars, holidays, takeaways etc. but it's none of my business haha so why is it ok to judge what people spend on their wedding day?

  • I look at our spreadsheet sometimes and think why why why...... but then I look at what I could get rid of, and decide not to lol so I need to get over it I think 

  • weatherwaxeweatherwaxe Posts: 848 New bride

    Ours is costing waaaay more than I was originally comfortable with. Luckily our parents are paying for the bulk of our wedding so we are in an incredibly fortunate position, but it took me a while to be OK with the amount of money being spent, which has doubled from our original budget (when we were paying for it ourselves). It's costing way more for a few reasons. Our guest list has expanded significantly and we're having a Central London wedding in a quirky venue (which immediately adds £££ to the price).

    Could we do it for less? Absolutely. I originally wanted to elope, just us, and then have a party afterwards. That would have saved so much money. But at the end of the day, we've now planned a really fun, quirky memorable day surrounded by friends and family and I've made my peace with our budget lol.

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