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No date. What to plan?

We don't have a date and we are bith in agreement that we will save £5,600 or more so we can pay for our entire wedding at once as the hubs-to-be is paranoid that we won't have enough to make the monthly payments. 

We did have 2 dates but I asked if we could wait a little... I was in a dark place (I was going through depression, had bad thoughts about myself and also was told my granddad - who is the 2nd person I'm closest woth in my family is going to die soon)

I'm slowly planning by ordering bits to make my own confetti, I brought photo props for my hen do and glowsticks which I don't know what they be used for yet (either favors / for dance floor/venue/hen night) and I've spotted a wedding dress for cheap 

I'm also starting on the music list. 


But I enjoy wedding planning and just wondered what I could plan without buying anything big

 He's not too much involved with wedding planning yet as he has tons of stuff going on right now , wants to buy a car after he passes (in the next month or so) and isnt othered as I've said to push back and to wait until we saved enough. 


I just don't want it to be stressful when it does come to officially planning it 


  • Michelle330Michelle330 Posts: 119

    We don’t have a Date yet either, for the same reason as you, were saving first so we know exacrly what we’ve got to spend. I like going to wedding fayres and chatting to different suppliers, some lose interest when you say you don’t have a date set yet. but the good ones still talk and give you the info. So far this way I’ve decided on a venue and a photographwe, so I can add these costs to our budget to save. Also there’s sometimes different things there that I wouldn’t have considered like a sweet table or a cheese cake or pork pie cake.

    im also making a guest list, and looking at invite ideas. 

  • AwhelenqtAwhelenqt Posts: 856 New bride

    I designed and made all my save the dates without a date in mind haha I just did the rest of it and left the bit where the date goes blank until I knew!

    I also started making paper cranes and other diy decor I knew I wanted. I went dress shopping and made mood boards and wrote guest lists and researched suppliers local to the county we knew we'd be getting married in... Just lots of research!

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    I would echo others- go to lots of wedding fayres and collect data.  I did a massive amount of venue searching, and got costs etc if possible before we were even engaged.  You can then at least know what might be in your budget at the time.  Have a planning sheet.  I wouldn't start making stuff, as you don't know what kind of venue you might end up with.  

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