Am I getting a good deal?

So I'm trying to spend as little as possible on my wedding, without compromising on a few important things. I planned to spend what I think is a moderate/average amount on the venue and photographer, then just as cheap as possible for everything else, I.e cars, cake, flowers, favours. I want to spend no more than 10 grand on the whole day (with a £1500 contingency).

I like to think im getting a decent deal on my venue, but I'm wondering if by most peoples standards it's actually more on the expensive side. Am I kidding myself that this is good value for money? 

for £5267, I'm getting exclusive venue hire for the whole day, (rustic barn/old church building, by the water in a little village), chiavari chairs/ tables/ cutlery/ service etc.

homemade shortbread, tea, coffee, and a glass of prosecco for each guest at the drinks reception.

3 course meal, followed by after dinner chocolates, tea and coffee

2 glasses of wine with meal and a glass of prosecco for toast.

evening food consisting of pizza slices and mini burger sliders.

this is based on 60 guests. On a saturday. During the winter time

is this about average spend for that amount of guests? I thought for the type of venue it is it sounded great as so many similar venues charged you 5 grand at least just for dry hire. We have had to compromise by having it out of season which brought the price down a lot but a Saturday was a must for us! I suppose I'm now getting anxious about the amount of money we're about to drop because if we had maybe of booked one of the hotels we saw we could have saved ourselves a grand from the offset. I just didn't get the wow factor from the other places we'd seen. I just hope I'm not getting carried away ... I don't want my small budget modest wedding to turn into an all bells and whistles affair thats gonna cripple me financially.


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    That’s pretty much what we paid for a similar package and our wedding (not including honeymoon) came out at £7500. Sounds pretty good to me. X

  • For the type of venue idI say it's a very good deal! 

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    I’ve got a similar thing for £2500 but it’s on a Sunday and for 50 guests, the same thing on a Saturday would be twice as much

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    Sounds like a great deal from the packages I have had quotes for.

  • Sounds like a decent deal if you compare it to dry hire of a similar venue, with the hire of everything popped in. If £5267 covers the main bulk of things. Other things you'll be tighter on budget wise to stay within budget.

    The one thing I'd suggest dropping would be cars, unless it's super important - you could have a friend drive you both to the venue. Other half best man and ushers may enjoy the drive to the venue and if you have someone with a nice car, ask them to drive you to the venue and for them to dress the car. 

    There is a lot you can do DIY wise to save money too! 

    If you're super nervous about it, have a quick look around to see if you get the wow factor from any other venue online. If you don't, then you've found your venue 

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    We are paying around £5000 for a barn venue for 70 (60 adults and 10 kids) people on August bank holiday Sunday next year. It's a bit cheaper than most barns as it has a large courtyard garden but is in town and has no 'grounds' as it were.

    For that we get:

    Ceremony & venue hire inc chair covers for orangery - don't need them for restaurant area

    Canapes & Pimms drinks reception

    3 course wedding breakfast with 4 choices for each course

    Wine on table

    Prosecco for toasts

    Evening BBQ with burgers, sausages, salmon and salads


    Our aim is to keep the cost under £9k, preferably less. We aren't having wedding cars, we aren't hiring suits either as all our wedding party own nice suits - buying them matching ties and pocket squares. Bought all the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses second hand on eBay. doing the flowers myself and saving jars to decorate for them to go in. Used Vistaprint for cheap invites and waited for a 50% off sale.

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    Mrsctobee, wow! That really does sound like a brilliant deal! I suppose our venue is kinda similar to yours, as it's a barn venue but without the 'grounds'. 

    I guess with somewhere that has acres of grounds they have to charge more to maintain them.

    I don't feel like I'll miss having 'grounds' particularly, as there's lots of lovely places in the village for photos, plus it's set right on the lough. Only thing I might miss slightly is that lovely long driveway you get with venues that are set in grounds. But when youre on a budget you cant have everything I guess.

    Some of the things you mentioned I.e hiring suits, vistaprint invites all sound like fab money saving ideas! Would love to hear some more tips?!

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    Sounds like a lovely setting! There is a lovely park across the road from our venue so we can have photos done there.

    Other tips:

    Buy cake from Waitrose or M&S, cheaper than independent cake makers.

    H Samuel do a wedding event every few weeks in store where they give 20% I think off wedding rings - but they told me if you mention it any time they'll give you the discount anyway.

  • I think that seems like a reasonable amount for what you are getting considering that is all food, drink and essentials such as kitchen equipment, crockery, tables and chairs etc.

    We had looked at a dry hire venue that was only £1550 for a lovely two storey building with multiple rooms and furniture. However the catering quote for our 100 guests was over £5000 and that was your basic package.

  • That sounds about right. We're paying £2,999 for a Friday wedding in October and for that we get exclusive use of the venue, honeymoon suite of our choice, wedding planner, a glass of champagne on arrival, 3-course meal with wine, a glass of champagne for the toast drinks, DJ, and evening buffet. This is all based on 40 guests. 

    Also includes things like cutlery/tablecloths etc which I know some venues charge extra for. 

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