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Guests wearing maxi dresses

Evening ladies,

Looking for opinions on something that's playing on my mind! I've been invited to a wedding this summer, one of H2B's childhood best friends. In my search for an outfit, I keep coming across some really nice maxi/midi dresses which are great because 1) no last minute running around to find a razor (or to realise I've left it at home!) and 2) no need to fake tan my legs! 

Every time I go to the buy one though, I end up stopping myself for fear that it'll look like I'm trying to look like part of the bridal partly. 

In short, what do you think to the dresses below? Are they suitable for a guest or too close to what people might choose for bridesmaids? (Not necessarily buying any of these but just to give you an idea of the sort of things I'm looking at). Would you be okay with someone wearing one of these to your wedding?




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