Dress Alteration

This is causing me so much stress at the moment! I bought my dress at wed2be. And now have to find a seamstress to alter it for me.

At this point I have been to three different places and they all told me different things. 

The first place was recommended by the wed2be shop. It's just down the road from them, so pretty far away. They are actually a dry cleaners but do alterations. Their shop was filled with wed2be dresses. Their quote was the cheapest at 250£. But they are quite a long drive away for me and they couldn't bustle my dress. I also had to stand semi-naked in front of the male shop owner, while his mum pinned the bra cups into my dress.

The second place is just around the corner from our flat. They have good google reviews. However don't seem to do that many wedding dresses. The women did not help me get into my dress. She was confident she would be up to the job and could bustle the dress. Although she wasn't sure at first what I meant with bustling. Could have been a language barrier.  She told me I needed to bring a bra, that she would sew into the dress. The window of the seamstress gives out on to the street and there isn't a lot of privacy. She quoted me 350£ for the job

I still wasn' confident so went to a third place yesterday. She specializes in wedding dresses. She has good review on google and facebook. Although not that many in quantity. On her website she has loads of them. She works from home, so I felt more confident getting undressed and taking my bra off. She carefully explained everything that needed doing and really seemed to know her stuff. The first thing she did was insert cups into the dress, I didn't even need to ask. She also said that bustling wouldn't be an issue. She was very kind but quoted me 450£. She also told me That I had to lose a stone or the buttons on my dress would not do up. And that because of the style of the dress there really wasn't anything she could do about this. This has confused me and put me in a massive panic. I tried on the dress at both tailors before that and they closed all the buttons. There was no issue with this. I weighed myself this morning. And while I didn't lose weight, I only put a pound on since I last tried on the dress. With all the buttons done up!!

What should I do? I am panicking!



  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Id go to the last place. For me, money wasn't unlimited but dress alterations is just something I wasn't willing to gamble on risking them ruining the dress. I needed to be 100% confident they would do a perfect job. Similar to you, I got 3 quotes. Off the top of my head they were £180, £250 and £400 and I just went with the most expensive one as something just didn't sit right with the others. 

    What she has said re. weight I probably wouldn't think too much of. If you know the buttons can do up then don't stress, just try and loose as much as you can without killing yourself over it. 

  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,363 New bride

    I would go for the third one. I don’t agree with her telling you to lose a stone though for it to do up. I would only see her point if she was adding boning to the dress to give extra support up top and she needed a bit more fabric to play with but if your only having cups and it still does up then I wouldn’t worry! All dresses can be bustled, they may just need to do a non traditional one. My bustle will be an English bustle.

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    What do you need doing to the dress? your quotes sound awfully expensive. 

    If it was me I probably wouldn't be using any of them and would find somewhere else. But if I had to choose it would be the last one purely because she's a bridal specialist.

    Whereabouts are you?

  • SpacepuffinSpacepuffin Posts: 664

    I’d look elsewhere. The first two sound dubious, the third odd as she claims the buttons won’t fasten when they already do. I don’t think I’d be happy with any of them.

    Where do you live? Maybe one of us here can reco somebody. X

  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,272 New bride

    Hi Ladies,

    Thank you for your replies.

    The third seamstress definitely sounded like the most competent one. And I would be able to shuffle the budget around in order to pay the extra 200£.

    However the while buttons not doing up just seems odd to me. I'll pop around to my aunt next week with the dress. Hopefully the buttons do up and the seamstress was just trying to motivate me in a very odd way.

    At that point I'll need to decide if I want to go with her or not.

    There aren't that many options in my area. I live in Leyton, in London. So that's probably why the alterations are pricy.

    The first place I went to was BR.ONE in Bromley 

    The second place was No One Famous in Leyton

    And the third one was Bridal Dress Alterations in Stratford.

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