Classic or modern wedding dress-- which is better?

I will be wedded soon with the man I love the most. The only lacking in the preparation is my wedding dress. We already have the venue and everything done. However, until now, I still can’t decide what wedding dress to wear. My fiance and my mom suggested I should choose a classic wedding dress from a foreign designer named Vera Wang. I like their idea though, but modern dresses is also calling my attention.


  • MrsS2019MrsS2019 Posts: 137 New bride

    Without seeing the dresses you're thinking of its hard to give an opinion. However you can get traditional dresses from British designers as well. I have gone along the more traditional route with my dress as I want a classic look that won't look dated in decades to come. Have you tried any on? If not I would go to a couple of boutiques as what you have in your head may not necessarily be what you end up getting or in some cases wanting. Get an idea of the different shapes on your body and the materials. 

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