How to decorate wedding venue

Please suggest to to decorate wedding venue in a budget?


  • We‘re on a tight budget too and this is what I’ve found best to keep decoration costs low.

    1. Don't use lots of fresh flowers - they are expensive! We are just having a few flowers arrangements (bouquets, button holes, top table arrangement, and floral centrepiece wreaths). We did look at having flowers for the banisters and mantle pieces too, but the cost was just so high! You can also get fake flowers at a lower cost, but these can be very hit or miss so we’ve avoided them. 

    2. Where possible, buy rather than hire your decoration. This will mean you can recover some of the costs after the wedding by selling things on. 

    3. Get things on offer if you can. In summer you can usually get lots of colourful garden lights etc. and they can be picked up really cheaply in the summer sales. At Christmas you can obviously get lots of lanterns, fairy lights etc. in the sales.

    4. If the venue you're working with is really not to your tastes, you can use draping as an effetive way to neutralise a room. 

    5. Lastly, prioritse the spaces. Our venue is quite small and so we’ll be using different rooms for different purposes - orangery will be the ceromony room/chill out space, large room for wedding breakfast, room for buffet, bar, and reception etc. It would be impossible for us to decorate all of these rooms so we’ve prioritied what we’ll do. We’re decortating the orangery for the ceremony but will use some of the decorations from here after the ceromony in the wedding breakfast room. We’re not doing anything in the bar or reception area. 

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    I always say for budget decoration use fairy lights! You can always borrow them (everyone has them in storage for Christmas) or you can get them cheaply in shops and they always look so effective in any season, indoors or out.

    Another trick I found recently was buying cheap net curtains and cutting them into strips, then using them as drapes with fairy lights inside them. Again, simple but effective.

  • I would say the following

    1. Not to use fresh flowers ( as already mentioned )

    2. Depending on the venue ( try and chose an already pretty venue that needs bare minimum decorating)- Fary lights ( White in colour as opposed to yellow or coloured) and Tea lights.

    3. Old jars or Wine bottles spray painted or filling will sand and a candle added.

    4. Use Pinterest to get ideas for Budget wedding

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    Simply - don't choose a huge venue! Ours is pretty small and compact which has already saved us lots of money in terms of decorations compared to some bigger venues we were looking at.

    Buy flowers wholesale (I use Triangle Nursery) and arrange them yourself. Save interesting jars and bottles and decorate them yourselves rather than using vases.

    Paper lanterns and pompoms are really cheap and can look lovely.

    I'm making a backdrop for our ceremony simply by spraying a hula hoop gold and adding some silk flowers to it - cost about £3.

  • Can you tell us a bit more about what your venue is like?

    There are so many beautiful ideas for minimalist inspiration on Pinterest if you search for " Minimalist wedding decor " or something similar.

    Asking your guests to collect old jars and then putting tealights or a few sprigs of gyp in them on tables, is a lovely simple way to make it feel more romantic!



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