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Did you enjoy your big day?

Hi all!

Bit of a weird question but I found myself wondering this the other day.... I think there is so much pressure on us to have the 'happiest day of our lives' and enjoy a 'perfect' day.

Did anyone out there not enjoy their day as much as they would have liked to and if so, what was it about your day that made you feel that way?


  • My previous could be described somewhere between "severely disappointing" to "epic fail."  My OH disagreed and thought it was "fine", but he also had done none of the planning (as in, none at all) so he had no idea what it was supposed to come together to look like versus the actual outcome.

    My disappointment stemmed almost entirely from my suppliers doing nothing close to what I had planned on. Whilst it was their products and performance that was lackluster, it was also my fault for not doing a better job selecting them to begin with, and then managing them as the process went on. I just didn't have the time as there were so many other problems going on in my life then, and I work too much. This is why I am a huge proponent of day-of planners at minimum, because managing vendors really is a job in itself.  I would never criticise a bride for taking her time to interview lots of vendors and then for "micromanaging" them once hired; trust me, they need it.

    The part that continued to niggle me long after was the money spent - on a day that was NOWHERE near what it should have been.  £25,000+ later and it was so far from the "best day ever" that it made me sick to think about it.

  • CE26CE26 Posts: 351 New bride

    I can honestly say it was the day I hoped for - 99% of our plans went off without a hitch and the couple of bits that didn't had no impact on the day.

    The only thing that dulled the overall shine of the day was the fact that I'm not the best sleeper in general and I had a sleepless night before the big day. Alcohol also makes me tired. 

    It just meant that I was ready for the night to end (glad we had to finish at 11pm) and that I didn't get to sample as much of the nice wine that we'd picked as I was worried about making myself more sleepy.

    It certainly wasn't the end of the world at all but it made me a little sad as I felt I should have been buzzing all day not yawning.

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    I 100% loved our day and enjoyed every minute! I planned carefully but on the day left it all in the capable hands of our venue and coordinator and let it all happen. I think that’s the key - on the day know that there’s nothing more you can do now and let the task of running the day fall to others who’s job it is. 

  • We definitely did but it wasn't 100% perfect and I think you have to remember that unless you're incredibly lucky, things are probably going to go wrong a bit. 

    One of our bridal cars didn't turn up. He got the address wrong and was somewhere down the road, meaning my mum and my best woman had to jump in a black cab. 

    We had guests eat all the special donuts we bought for people with allergies, so the people that needed them didn't actually get to them. People also tried to cut our cake before we could get to it. It turns out they thought it wasn't our actual cake, and just a display cake as it didn't look like a traditional wedding cake. 

    We had a few people not turn up on the day and two people turned up who we weren't expecting - luckily we were able to accommodate them! 

    Also our DJ didn't know a BUNCH of songs that we were requesting and didn't really understand the vibe we were going for. He stopped playing at around 11:30, and for the last hour or so we put on a spotify playlist on the venues sound system. I'm not going to complain about it, as he was professional and played a load of things that we requested, but our tastes didn't really gel.  

    Despite this, we had a great day and our guests keep telling us how much fun they had. Things will probably go a bit wrong, but it really doesn't matter in the end. You'll still have a fab day. 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I enjoyed it well enough, especially the evening, but it wasn’t the “best day ever” or “perfect”. 

    Things went wrong, and I did have to deal with a couple of problems, but I made the decision to deal with things after the wedding, because there’s not that much you can do on the day.

    So it didn’t impact my enjoyment.

    The one thing that really did piss me off was the bridal prep. I was really looking forward to that, and it started out nice, but my mum and the bridesmaids were so demanding that they made me late by fussing around and not getting out on time, and my mum was more concerned with her own outfit than mine, so I got myself dressed. I was really, really fuming. I have a photo of my mum finally lacing my dress and my face is like thunder. The tog then made me smile for somw poses pics, pretending my mum helped me get dressed, and that we were enjoying ourselves. I hate these photos because they’re so fake.

    The evening was the best bit, I loved it.

  • I preferred the build up to the actual wedding. Our family and closest friends stayed on site for the day and night before and it was brilliant; relaxed with nobody staring at me. I loved the dinner and cocktails we had the night before. It was, somehow, more intimate than our wedding day itself.

    That‘s not to say I didn’t enjoy the wedding but swung between feeling shy, surreal and happy. I’ve never been one for massive parties. I’m glad I did it. I’ll never regret marrying my husband but, given the option, I wouldn’t do it again. It’s a pretty high pressure day, or, at least, it was for me.

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