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Malta Wedding - Music Issue

Ideas needed!

We have found our perfect wedding venue in Malta but as it is quite residential there is a strict 11pm music deadline.  Has anyone experienced this before?

Does anyone know of any beautiful after hours venues that we could have the evening reception in?

All ideas/experiences welcome.





  • Hey! what venue is it in Malta? I was having the same issue. You can't have your ceremony until 4pm (depending on what month it is) and then the music has to finish at 11pm. Let me know if you get any ideas please. At this rate I would be as well getting married in Scotland where we can play music till 4am lol.

  • Hi Claire,


    We are getting married in Villa Bologna in Attard in September.  We are having the wedding around 4.30pm/5pm and staying at the venue until 11.30pm.  We are then going onto another venue for the after party as our guests will not want to stop the party that early. The after party is very close in proximity and is open until 4am. So we have at least another 4 hours of dancing!

  • Hi Keighley,

    We are also getting married at Villa Bologna in May 2020, I just wondered what venue you were going to afterwards?

    We’re also in the process of trying to choose music, photographer, make-up, flowers etc. I’d be grateful for any recommendations you might have on those?

    Many thanks
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