Wedding Spreadsheet


I wondered if anyone has found a Wedding Spreadsheet on the internet that they have found useful?





  • I just used one of the templates in Excel. It may be different on yours but I went Templates > Personal finances > Wedding budget.

    Failing that, if you message me your email address, I can forward mine to you. 

  • There was a wedding planning template in google sheets which I used. 

  • Ive made one with a mix of quite a few ive found. Im happy to send it overv if you PM me your email. 

  • EriVinEriVin Posts: 11 New bride

    I can send you the one I'm using too if you want.

  • rlnxrlnx Posts: 46 New bride

    I just made my own :) it adds up the cost of the food too! I love a good spreadsheet! 

  • Gem88Gem88 Posts: 17 New bride

    Yep! My job is (sadly) spreadsheets galore so it was only natural for me to make a wedding one!

    I have a page with a breakdown of our budget that shows when we have reached budget for each area (e.g. food, entertainment etc).

    It also keeps a total of amount paid to date and balances to be paid remaining budget etc. 

    Happy to share mine too or give help with formulas etc if you need it.

  • Anyone can share the spreadsheet..?
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