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Our Scottish / Boho / Forest / Castle Wedding - The Report

So we have been married for 5 days and currently on our minimoon tour of Scotland.

We don't have the official pictures back yet from our photographers, so I will finish / write most of this report when they come through. But I thought I would give it a start.



We got married on Saturday 6th October 2018 in Rowallan Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland



MrM proposed to me on a trip to Japan. We were at the top of a mountain overlooking Mount Fuji when he popped the question.

This was on the 19th September 2017. We started planning almost immediately



I will include a more detailed break down. But in total we spent just shy of 25000 on our wedding. 

We did get help from my parents, who contributed one third of the money.



    Venue - Rowallan Castle

    Caterer - Rowallan Castle

    Photographers - Richards & Co

    Videographer - Big Day Movies

    Humanist Celebrant - Lenny Love

    Decor Hire - 88Events

    Flowers - Myrtle & Bracken

    Cake - Rosewood Cakes

    Hair & Makeup - AMM Hair & Makeup

    Band - Something Blue

    Wedding Dress - Wed2Be

    Seamstress- Bridal Alterations Stratford

    Kilt Hire - East by West Stranraer

  • So excited to read this!! and a HUGE congratulations!!! 

  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride

    Yay I'm so excited for this!

  • Hooray, have a lovely time on your minimoon. Can't wait to read more :)

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Cant wait to read your report, Hope you had a wonderful day x


  • Looking forward to it!

  • Thank you ladies!!!
    We just got our wedding photos. So I can finally write this report.

    Here is a brief overview of our wedding planning journey.
    We started gathering ideas almost as doon as we were engaged 

    OCTOBER to NOVEMBER - We spent quite a few weekends in October and November driving up to see venues in Scotland and Nothumberland. Venues that we visited included Dalhousie Castle, Fingask Castle, Cornhill Castle, Brig'ODoon, Capheaton Hall, Le Petit Chateau and Newton Hall. We almost picked Newton Hall but we're convinced by my mum to choose Rowallan because if ease of access. It also allowed us to have a wedding weekend.
    We also asked my sister, his sister and his best friend to be part of our bridal party.

    DECEMBER - This was a big month. It is when I first started looking for a dress. I actually went to my first dress trial by myself. And I found my dress at the end of the month together with my mum and aunt.
    We also booked our photographer, celebrant, makeup & hair team and our band in December. And we paid the deposit for our venue.

    JANUARY - We started gathering various items to use as decor. We also picked and ordered our kilts at the start of the month. We went to the warehouse of 88events and chose our hire decor. We found our florist. Bought his ring and my jewellery. And we added one of MrM's friends as a groomsmen. 

    FEBRUARY - We were heartbroken when we discovered that our photographer had double booked our date. So we hired a different and vastly better one.
    We sent out our save the dates, that I designed and ordered from vistaprint. I then created a website and set-up a honeymoon registry.

    MARCH - We found and hired our cakemaker. We talked to several people and she stood among all the rest. We also met our new photographers in person. I then had a bridal scent consultation at Jo Malone. And bpught a dress for one of my bridesmaid and my two flower girls. Finally I bought the items for my DIY photobooth.

    MAY - We selected pur menu and then had our food and wine tasting at Rowallan Castle. We added a pimp your prosecco bar, cocktail bar and sweetie table to pur reception. We also had a engagement shoot with our photographers to get used to being in front of the camera. I albought our confetti and confetti cones, as well as my wedding shoes and our wedding post box. And we finally decided to have sloe gin for our favours.

    JUNE - I finished writing our wedding ceremony and we picked our readings. I bought the gifts for our wedding party. And started designing our wedding signage. I started looking for someone to alter my dress. This was by far the most stressfull part of planning our wedding. We bought the mirror for our welcome sign and the frame for our table plan. And we picked the music for our wedding ceremony.

    JULY - We gave notice in Scotland. I finished our wedding invites and handed / sent them out. I found a hairband. And started creating a wedding timeline to hand out to everyone.

    AUGUST - I had my hair and makeup trial. And my sister found her bridesmaid dress. I also started boxing up all the décor. Finally I spoilt myself with luxury wedding underwear. We picked pictures from MrM's childhood for a slideshow my mum was creating.

    SEPTEMBER - Both MrM and I had our stag and hen dos. He went to the lake district and spent most of the weekend having a really bad hangover. While my friends and I went to Brussels.  I got my rings resized. I created our table plan and welcolme mirror. I finished all the wedding signage. We paid all our duppliers. And we decided to hire a videographer at the last minute. I also had all my dress fittings and picked the dress up the Friday before we drove up to Scotland. 

    Total Budget: 24818£

    Venue: 7135£ (for two days with overnight accomodation)
    Food: 3010£
    Drink: 1540£
    Cake: 295£
    Photographer: 1650£
    Videographer: 1200£
    Ceremony: 490£
    Band: 1300£
    Piper: 160£
    Flowers: 836£
    Hire Decor: 641£
    DIY Decor: 895£ 
    Stationary: 595£ (including website & STDs)
    Wedding Dress: 1485£ (including alterations)
    Bridal Accessories: 582£ (including veil, underskirt, jewellery, evening dress, shoes, etc)
    Bridesmaids & Flowergirls: 270£ 
    Hair & Makeup: 820£
    Kilt Hire: 495£
    Rings: 126£ (bride's ring part of engagement set)
    Favours & Gifts: 759£
    DIY Photobooth: 293£
    Confetti: 84£
    Insurance: 156£
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    edited November 2018

    I actually spent the entire day at work. I had packed almost everything into boxes and bags over the weekend and the days prior. 

    MrM had made a start of getting everything into our small car before I arrived. I was very nervous that we wouldn't get everything to fit. But by some miracle it did. So I made the last minute decision to pack the printer and our iron.

    With a very heavy car we made our way up to the Peak District. By the time we left it was 8 in the evening. We had booked a hotel for the night, half way up to Scotland.

    Or so I thought! This was a farmhouse we gad stayed at a couple of times previously. They always left our key underneath the plant pot in front of the door. But when we arrived after a long drive through the dark, there was no key to be found. I was already picturing having to sleep upright in our jam packed car. But MrM in desperation went to knock on the farmer's house up the hill. It was 1 in the morning. But the poor guy got up anyway. Turns out I had booked the room for the wrong night. But we were lucky and there was one room left. The farmer kindly ushered us in and then we all went  to bed. 

    What a start to our wedding week!

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    We got up relatively early in the morning and had breakfast in the farmhouse. We then bundled ourselves back up in the car to make our way to Stranraer.
    I made use of the time in the car by  drawing diagrams of the layout of our wedding decoration. Something I wanted to do the day before but didn't have time for.

    I had an appointment to get my nails done in Stranraer at 12:30. But the traffic on the road was a lot worse than we expected. Our satnav kept increasing our time of arrival. Then we got stuck behind a lorry delivering a prefab home, with no option to overtake.  That was it. I knew we wouldn't make it. So I called to cancel the appointment and managed to get one in Glasgow on Friday morning.

    Once we got to Stranraer, over two hours late, we went straight to the kilt shop. MIL met us there. MrM got to try on his entire outfit for the very first time, something he had been a little nervous about. What if it didn't fit or just didn't look nice. Well there was no reason to worry. As soon as I saw him in full regalia, my heart skipped a beat. Was I really going to marry this handsome man? Obviously I wasn't the only one who got emotional, as MIL nearly started crying. We picked the colour of the tie. I really didn't know which way we would go here. I thought maybe navy or dark red. But the shopowner suggested green. And I am so glad he did. It was perfect.
    I paid for all the kilts and I grabbed both MrM's kilt and my dad's. Our groomsman had pucked his up the day before and only needed his tie. Whilst the bestman was going to get his later that day. 

    We had lunch with MIL and FIL (a full fry up!) Before going to see MrM's nephew. Both of them were very excited about the upcoming wedding but a little nervous about being ring bearers.

    Finally we drove up to Glasgow. We checked into our hotel and dropped off the suitcases and the kilts. Then we made our way with the rest of the decor to my grandad's house. My mum, stepdad, sister, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins had all already arrived. We sat down for a cup of tea.

    Then after a short break and chat I locked myself in the summer house to sort out the decor. I had packed everything in as compact a manner as possible, to ensure it would all fit into the car. We had also brought up some of the stuff on a previous journey to Glasgow. So I had to unpack everything and organise it in a manner that would make sense to the venue. One box per location or table, including a diagram and photo of the mock set-up.

    We had dinner with the family, then drove over to our hotel or a night of well-deserved sleep. My dad arrived very late that night and checked into the same hotel as us.
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    My dad knocked on our door early that morning. I had texted him the night before instructing him to come to our room to try on his kilt first thing. The kilt shop told us they would to able to get us a short in a different size if it didn't fit, as long as we told them as soon as they opened. Well it is a good thing that I got my dad to try on his kilt, since his waistcoat was a little too small. I gave the kilt shop a quick call, and then we all drove over together to have breakfast with my family.

    After breakfast I finished boxing everything up. We then packed both our car and my mums car.

    At which point it was time to go pick-up our marriage schedule. I had made the appointment earlier that month. As soon as we arrived at the registrar, we checked the board for pur names. There we were right at the top. Picking up our marruage schedule took a couple of minutes. We were told that we would need to return it on Monday after the wedding. I had a mild panic, worried that this would ruin our minimoon plans. But my mum immediately agreed to do this for us.

    Next we drove to Rowallan Castle to drop off our wedding decor. Katy had already arrived and was busy setting up the venue for our big day. We had a quick nosy and popped into the ceremony and breakfast room, where all the furniture had been laid out.

    By this point my dad arrived in my mum's car sith the projector for the next day. My grandad decided to come with him, to lend us a hand.
    It was a miserable grey and rainy day and my grandad (being German) quickly pointed out that tbe venue was beautidul but would look even better in the sun. I was slightly irritated but told him that we would have a great day no matter what.
    We unloaded the car and left all the boxes in the entrance hall. I had a quick chat with Katy to explain how I had organised the decor, and to call me if she had any questions.

    My dad and grandad drove back to the house, whilst MrM and I went to Silverburn shopping centre for some last minute purchases. 
    We still needed to get a gift for the two ring bearers.  I also decided to create toiletry baskets for our guests so needed to get supplies for those, as well as the actual baskets and two frames. I also changed my mind on my sgoes. Ok I checkened out on the heels, and decided to get some lower sparkly kitten heels from quiz. Finally we picked up safety pins and chalk at tescos.

    Next we drove to the garden centre in Braehead to buy the gifts for our parents. We got two austin roses and a bonsai tree for my dad.
    On our way back to the house we got stuck in traffic. And it took us ages to drive back.
    Finally we spent the rest of the evening relaxing with family, before dropping into bed at the hotel.


    We had to get up early on this day to make it to my nail appointment. First thing in the morning was the only slot that was still available. We even had to skip breakfast and just drove straight to the salon.

    I had originally planned to get an ombre effect but was informed that this was only possibke with gel. Which I hadn't booked in for. So there wasn't enough time. So instead I got a french manicure in gelac on both my finger and toe nails. I was really pleased with it though and it was actually a lot more me  than the ombre effect would have been.

    After my manicure I was desperate for a coffee. Coffee in hand, we went on a stroll through the city centre of Glasgow, enjoying some time together just the two of us. We popped into primark, where I bought some cute pyjamas. Next I found a printer to print the signs I created the night becore for the sweet table and the toiletry baskets. We were about to head back to the house, when my mum asked me to gind two white aprons for the evening festivities.

    Shopping done we drove back and had lunch with my family. I then finished off the wedding signage. I also had to recreate seating tags for two tables, because they somehow disappeared on our drive up to Scotland.

    My family also had a special surprise for me. My mum asked me to join her in the bedroom, where she presented me with a Dirndel ( a traditional German dress). I was born in Munich but never had my own Dirndel. Now I had one to wear that evening for the polterabend. My mum even bought a special bra to squeeze my cleavage into a favourable posirion. As I walked back into the livingroom in my new outfit, I was startled to find MrM dressed in Lederhosen. He had known all along!

    Then it was time to go check-in at Rowallan Castle. MrM and I had requeated to arrive slightly early, so that we could lay out the gifts for the wedfing party. However we arrived a lot later than expected because of the Dirndel surprise. So we had to rush from room to room. Which is difficult in an ancient castle, where the layout of the bedrooms resembles a maze. To our dismay the bestman and groomsman had arrived before us. So we were unable to surprise them as originally planned. 
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    Everyone looks so awesome in their kilts! We also had traffic issues/beauty appointment problems. It's crazy how you plan it all so perfectly in your head and then whatever happens, happens!
  • I am so glad we had the men in kilts at our wedding. They all looked great.

    And you are absolutely right. You can only plan so much. In the end you jyst need to relax and accept not everything will go to plan.
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    Once all the presents had been distributed, I retreated to our bridal suite. MrM on the other hand had too much fun chatting to the lads and took a while to join me there. 

    Meanwhile I popped into the rolltop bath to have a shower. The bath itself was beautiful. The water however was absolutely freezing! Obviously the boiler hadn't been on long enough. 

    I popped on my pyjamas and did my makeup. I then brushed my hair. MrM finally joined me in the bridal suite and started getting ready himaelf. We had brought his lederhosen but had left my dress with my parents. Who hadn't turned up yet. In the meantime, most of our guests had already arrived and were ushered into the communal living room downstairs.

    After a while I began to get a bit frustrated, as well as panicky. What if something terribke had happened on there drive to the castle. When I finally managed to reach them by phone, I discovered that they had gotten list and then stuck in traffic on the way the castle. I have to admit part of me contemplated sumply throwing on the dress that I had purchased for the occasion. But I was able to convince myself to wait.

    My sister brought the dress to me as soon as they arrived and helped me into it. Finally I was ready to meet our guests. Who at this point had been at the castle for over an hour!

    MrM and I made our way downstairs. We were greeted with applause. And everyone was cery surprised to see our outfits. They certainly weren't expecting them.

    After greeting our friends and family, we made our way to the bar. I had a large glass of wine whilst MrM opted for a coke and vodka. The most popular drink by far however was the beer, which to our surprise Rowallan Castle was able to source afterall  and which was handed out for free. The bar staff told all of our guests that my parents were paying for the beer. This however was never discussed beforehand as up until this point we were still under the impression that Rowallan couldn't source the casks. To this day, I do not know if my parents ended up paying for the casks ( as originally talked about) or for each individual pint. 

    Anyway MrM and I started making the rounds. We did our best to talk to every single one of our guests. 

    Then it was time for the main event of the evening - the smashing of the porcelain. My mum asked everyone to make there way outside, grab a piece if porcelain and form a big circle. We were the last to join the group. My dad and stepdad fitted us with the aprons and gave us a broom each. My mum then explained that the smashing of the porcelain was a German custom that was meant to bring us luck in our married life. And that as the bride and groom to be  we had to prove that we were good marriage material, by sweeping up the shards of porcelain together. Next ever guest introduced themselves before propelling their plate  cup or saucer to the grpund. Let me tell you those shards fkew everywhere! MrM and I then had to sweep the whole lot up, under the watchful eye of my parents, whilst our guests screamed motivational sentences. 

    Once every single shard of porcelain had been swept up, we asked our guests to make their way to the diningroom. Here a buffet of german-inspired food awaited our hingry friends and family. It included freshly baked bread, platters of cold meat, sausages, potatoes, gravy and a broth. For dessert Rowalllaln put oyt sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice-cream. (Sorry for the picture. I quickly snapped it after I had already atarted stuffing my face)

    Bellies filled  everyone made their way back to the livingroom. Where my mum had prepared a soecial surprise. She had cut together a little film montage of both MrM's and my chilhood. It definitely made every one laugh and was a nice way to end the evening.

    When we got back to our room we noticed that it had been messed up. One if the chairs had been tipped over. And my evening dress was hanging in the window. Thankfully MrM had already seen it. This was the bestman's idea of a prank. I was really peeved and made it clear that he better not act this childishly on our wedding day. At least he hadn't touched my wedding dress.

    Absolutely exhausted but very excited for our wedding day, MrM and I jumped into bed together. Our last night as an unmarried couple.
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    The polterabend sounds so fun and lovely to include your heritage in this way- no so keen on the domesticated task mind! Look forward to hearing about the big day eek!
  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride
    So nice that your family included all the different surprises, I bet it was lovely to enjoy the evening before the wedding with all your guests.
  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    Sounds great so far! Love the polterabend. Food lucks yummy too! 
  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,136 New bride
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    I’ve never come across a polterabend - so interesting & lovely to include some of your different traditions together. I wouldn’t have been impressed at the prank either, I hope he got it out of his system with that!! Can’t wait to hear about the day!
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