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    Well my original account seems to be have deleted which is very frustrating! I've had to create a new one :( I had threads on the other one as well as one where I had commented on a post to buy something but now it's all lost :( v. disappointing so far. 

    Has anyone else had similar issues?
  • Not sure if I'm just being really stupid but is there no way to see followed threads anymore? 
  • EriVinEriVin Posts: 11 New bride
    I understand your frustration MrsFernandes2be. I’ve lost all my private messages with important information... 
  • I can't seem to figure out how to see my followed posts either. Really disappointed. And there doesn't seem to be an option to jump to last post anymore 
  • I’m not so sure about the new design either. Some bits I like, like comment drafting. 
    I can seem to get my ticker working now because it got deleted and I noticed no one else has one either. Any ideas?
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,146 New bride
    @FutureMrsTomlin you can bookmark threads by clicking on the little start next to the thread on the main forum page and that will put the thread into your bookmarked threads which are at the bottom of the page (if that makes sense) I also miss being able to jump to the latest post 
  • All of my previously followed threads have disappeared. This seems ridiculous? Sorry but I don't see why these changes have been made - 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' comes to mind...
  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride
    I’m not loving it either! I liked that you could see how many days you had left on your countdown but that seems to have disappeared and not being able to jump to the last post in the thread is sooo frustrating & my countdown banner that was on my signature has gone and I’ve no idea how to get it back!! 
  • Is it easier now to upload high res images? Haven't tried yet but I imagine lots of brides will be wanting to upload professional pics which are always large files! 

    Also, I know it's not a new problem but I do wish YAYW would get rid of the "Bridezilla" label one of these days... always a term that makes me eye roll and feels outdated and a bit patronising! 
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    This is horrendous - it's far too cluttered and it's given me a headache looking at the interface!
  • can an admin look into the Flagging - Report function because i wrote in the box why i was flagging and reporting it, but it then said i had to select a category but there isn't a drop down or anything for this, so you then cant report it.

    As a member of the Beta team i had high hopes, but honestly it seems really disappointing. Having to go through and find all the threads to re-follow them, having definitely lost some along the way, losing PMs, its all a bit of a shame. I've also found if i log into the websites main page, i have to log in again when i come to the forum, which seems really weird. 

    I'm giving it a chance because i'm not a huge fan of change and i don't want that to mean i judge it too soon, but i do feel a bit like its ruined it for me. I used to only use this forum and really love it for the community, but it feels more awkward now, and almost like it just isn't worth it. 
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,553 New bride
    As a Beta tester, most of this wasnt highlighted at the time and I too am disappointed with how things seem to be missing etc since the change over.

    I had high hopes that this would be a cleaner, easier to use forum but finding more wrong now its live than we did as testers.  It was hard to test it as we had to make everything up as new and you can never be sure what is going to happen in a live environment.

    I agree that losing all private messages is really annoying!  I had messages from a few people that dont really come on the forum and I like to keep in touch now and then but would now take me a while to figure out their usernames! 
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  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 805 New bride
    I was a beta tester and agree it sounded like it was going to be good. I'm happy to still give it chance, because it always takes time to get used to new upgrades on these sort of things. In regards to a button to jump to the last post, I've found when I click on a thread it automatically takes me to either the posts I've not read or to the latest post. Is this not the case with everyone else? I actually prefer this as it's one less button to click! However, it does mean I have to scroll back if I can't really remember the context of the conversation. It is only with the threads from the old site that it doesn't do this, I assume because it thinks I haven't read them yet!

    I am disappointed we can't seem to have tickers counting down to our weddings in our signatures, because I always found it useful to quickly see how long people had to go or how long they had been married. They were fun!

    I do like that you can see how many new posts you haven't read in a thread and that you can see who the latest poster was. I also like that you can see the original thread date although this hasn't prevented spammers dredging up ancient posts and flooding the forum with photo booths!
  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride
    Mine skips me forward to the last post I read on a thread, which I like but yeah it doesn't do it to ones I've read before the update, only those I've read since.

    I do miss the tickers, us betas were not aware we would lose them :( 

    I'm going to keep with it, the more I use it the more comfortable I am with it 
  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,118 New bride
    My biggest and most serious problem with this whole forum is how, when it went live, our real names were visible for a number of hours. Despite logging out and back in again it didn't reset my name and mine was visible, along with a lot of other ladies on here. I post on this forum about things I wouldn't want my family and friends knowing (or any employer for that matter) and it shouldn't have been allowed to happen. 

    As soon as I realised the issue I emailed to alert them to the issue and pointed out that per GDPR guidelines they have a duty to preserve and protect personal data and that a breach like that is serious. I emailed that last Thursday. Yesterday, i finally received a response telling me to log out and log back in again.

    They seem to have missed the point entirely and the rather relaxed attitude to something I feel is quite significant is disappointing to say the least. 

    Beta testing is there for a reason and the site shouldn't have gone live without these issues being resolved or, if it went live with issues, it should have been taken offline whilst it was rectified. It has made me seriously consider my ongoing use of this forum as I don't want to risk my real life name being publicised when associated with such personal, private thoughts. 
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,553 New bride
    Dont get me wrong, there are things I do like but its just not as smooth as I had hoped lol!

    I too like that you can see who last commented etc, I think this was one of my main likes when beta testing! haha!

    I didnt realise we would lose our tickers either - I mean mine is quite old now as Im still hanging around from 2015 but I still liked it! Any chance of a come back YAYW? lol!

    @Rach371 100% get your point here but on the beta side of things, this issue did not arise, it was obviously something at go live.  That being said, as soon as it was brought to attention, YAYW should have done more to resolve, like you said as a lot of us, myself included have put very personal information on here.  A lot of people I know dont know we are going through IVF, for example and I dont wish them to find out via a forum, so 100% get your gripe here! xx
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  • @Rach371 I completely and wholeheartedly agree - i actually got worked into quite a tizzy because i have a protection order out against someone, and had a genuine fear they might find out information about my day and it could have had catastrophic repercussions.  I emailed and facebook messaged the team and also only got a response a day or so ago, and it left me feeling really rather fobbed off. 

    I was incredibly close to deleting everything, but to be honest the only reason i didn't was because i feared id leave my account but all the current information would stay visible with my name, thus not solving the issue anyway. 

    Whilst i have calmed down from that, it is a huge data breach, and we should get a lot more of an apology than we have. We were never warned it may happen, and as has been said, as soon as it was apparent peoples personal data was visible it should have been closed down fully until a fix was in place. 
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,553 New bride
    @paulthorpe tagging for your input on this please
    Married since June 2015
    TTC since August 2015
    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • paulthorpepaulthorpe Posts: 6 admin
    Hi all, 

    Thanks for your responses and apologies for any inconvenience or distress the issues may have caused.

    Migrating data across different platforms is notoriously complex, with many moving parts and it's only possible to test in controlled conditions up to a limit. That said, the ball was dropped on a couple of points...

    The flagging function has now been fixed, so it's possible to report posts now. 

    Private messages could not be migrated for technical reasons as they actually existed outside of the forum in a format that was incompatible with the forum data structure. This was always the case, but should have been communicated to users. 

    With regard to usernames, this was an error that occurred during the user migration to a separate identity platform. Rather than taking your existing usernames, the system generated a new username using part - and only part - of your email address. It only did this once you logged in. As soon as we were able, we fixed this, but it required affected users logging out and then back in to revert their username.

    Once again, I can only apologise, but really hope you stick around. There are many new features available in this forum and we are open to suggestions for improvements, so your input is much valued!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,934 New bride
    CoffeeDogAddict - while what happened was unacceptable, can I make a suggestion going forward? I have  a junk email address I use for signing into forums such as this which doesn't include my real name in any way. Therefore when my name reverted to my email address the other day, it just reverted to a silly nickname rather than my real name. My partner works in IT and suggests people do this if they want to remain incognito as unfortunately as happened here, mistakes happen and the people who write code and programme sites such as this are only human.
  • thanks @MrsCToBee thats a really great idea! i dont know why i hadnt ever thought of it x
  • I miss having a direct link to my planning thread in my signature and not being able to jump to the last comment.
    The interface in general feels more like a Web page that I'm viewing on my phone as opposed to the previous which felt like a mobile site. It just doesn't fit properly.
    Plus the thing about reducing spam obviously didn't work I logged on to see like 15 posts in a row raised up from the dead about photo booths 
  • Oh and the "back to the top of page " button! Truly mourning the loss.
  • Have we lost the ability to jump to the most recent post in a thread or am I being a bit dense? I used that function a lot :(
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,249 New bride
    Whats happened to half the new options for posts? You cant like or agree anymore, it was fine this morning?
  • Hannah YYWHannah YYW Posts: 119 admin
    Strange - I've asked our technical team and will let you know.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,934 New bride
    Whats happened to half the new options for posts? You cant like or agree anymore, it was fine this morning?
    I thought it was just me!
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