DIY Wedding - August, 2019

Hi! I've been reading this forum since I got engaged in May and have been trying to decide whether I wanted to start one of my own. I guess I have what could be considered quite a short engagement and so I've had a lot to do which at times has definitely been overwhelming! Hopefully this thread will keep me from getting too stressed!

How We Met

My fiancé is called Luke and we first met five years ago; when I say met I mean we spent two weeks together on a college trip and barely spoke! It was six months later that I messaged him on Facebook, after I'd seen he'd gone on a Freshers night out and that we went the same university. From there we started starting talking and getting to know each other. We met up on campus and we've been inseparable ever since. It took a lot of coincidences for us to have actually met, I mean there was only 20 of us on the trip and neither of us were planning on going to that university either. 

We moved in together quickly and are hoping to buy own place in the next few years. We'd been discussing marriage for a while so I knew it was something that was definitely on the cards soon. 

The proposal

Whilst we had been discussing marriage for a while that didn't stop me from me being surprised and bursting into tears. The proposal was so simple and perfect for us. 

Luke proposed whilst we were away on holiday with my family in May 2018. We had spent the morning relaxing by the pool, the weather was amazing and we were definitely taking advantage of it. As I sat there reading my book Luke asked if I wanted to go for a walk, which wasn't particularly out of nowhere since the gardens were beautiful, and we had done it a few days before. We walked through the gardens until we reached the bridge and that's when Luke asked me to marry him. 


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    Yay a new thread  congratulations and can't wait to read all about your plans!

  • The Budget

    Neither of are big spenders so the budget for our wedding was never going to be massive. We decided that we want to try and stay below £12k. I am all about getting a bargain, and basically refuse to buy anything without a discount code and/or cashback. We also decided to do as much of it ourselves as we can, within reason. We decided to spend the most of our budget on photographer/videographer so we can relive the day as much as possible.

    As the planning started family member offered to contribute, with my grandparents and parents offering to pay for things so that has definitely helped us stay within our budget.

    The Ceremony           

    It has always been very important to me that I got married in a church, my late grandfather was a vicar and so religion played a big part in my upbringing. The church we will be getting married in is the one where I was christened and my parents attended before I was born. It was super easy to book! I always thought churches would be a bit more booked up but we had the choice of any Saturday in August 2019.

    The church is under a 10 minute walk from my granny’s house so we’ll be getting ready there which she is so excited about.  

    Here are a few pictures of the church:



  • Yay I love a new planning thread! Can't wait to hear more! 

  • I am literally the worst at posting on this so apologies for the lack of order but we'e chosen the bridesmaid dresses! 

    We've gone with the Katrine dresses from ChiChi. 



    I still haven't decided on my dress and it's kinda stressing me out!

  • Those are lovely bridesmaid dresses  are you planning on matching more things with that colour?

  • I wore the same dress to a works event recently and they are so comfy. A good choice for bridesmaid dresses!!

  • Mrs P 2019 wrote (see post):

    Those are lovely bridesmaid dresses  are you planning on matching more things with that colour?

    Our page boy has a matching suit 

  • Sarah967 wrote (see post):

    I wore the same dress to a works event recently and they are so comfy. A good choice for bridesmaid dresses!!

    Oh thats's great! It was really important to me that they felt comfortable in them, but them also being comfy to wear is even better! 

  • image


    This is the flower girl's dress we got it for £14.40 instead of £60 in the Monsoon sale. It was reduced to £18 and then there was a voucher that took off another 20%. I'm going to change the ribbon so that it matches the bridesmaid dresses. 

  • On December 1st I said yes to the dress! I can't quite believe it, it feels like it's been a long time coming but I am so excited to finally decided on my dress! 
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    Ooh what did you choose?
  • MrsCToBee said:
    Ooh what did you choose?
    It'a an enzoani dress, it's called the lennox! It's so different to any of the other dresses I tried on.
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    Just looked it up, it's stunning - congrats!
  • Ohh that dress is gorgeous!! I love Enzoani so much!
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    Love your dress! 
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    Thank you! I'm so excited for it to come in and to actually try it on in my size! 
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    Reception Venue

    When we first started looking we weren't really sure what we wanted, we looked at a lot of places but none of them were quite right for us. Due to our  smaller budget and a larger guest list we were also quite limited with our options. We ended up going for a fairly 'blank canvas' venue; Southwick D-Day Memorial Hall. The hall is located  in a really pretty village and is used a lot for weddings. 

  • I can't believe the wedding is just over 6 months away! I still have so much to do and I've been burying my head in the sand buying stuff  I probably don't need. :D

    I bought some possible shoes for Luke and I can't decide which colour. The suit is a grey/blue and the ties are a dark navy. 

    Sorry not the best picture but what do you think?!

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    Love the suit colour, personally I’d go for the black shoes (but I have an unexplained hatred of brown shoes haha)
  • Eeek, I'm picking my dress up tomorrow! I'm so excited!  :D
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