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Ebay Dress Scam?

So i've had a dress on Ebay for a little while now, as i impulse bought it then changed my mind. 

Ive been offered something for it, although less than i had hoped, and im worried now its a scam and was wondering if anyone's sold stuff on ebay before and can advise how best to protect myself? 

they originally offered one price, then £10 less, and then withdrew completely, and then offered £180 again. 

I was going to send it by courier but i dont know if thats enough. Ive heard stories of the buyer then opening a claim with paypal and getting their money back and keeping the dress!

Any advice is hugely appreciated, id love for someone to be able to enjoy it. 


  • Gem88Gem88 Posts: 17 New bride
    Hey I managed a large eBay account for a few years and there is always a risk of claim back scams through PayPal but they are quite rare. 

    Scammers tend to offer you more money or very close to asking to hook you, so if they have offered less I'd imagine  they're probably genuine.
    Have you checked their feedback? This is a really good indicator of whether they're genuine, if they have 0 or poor feedback I would avoid selling to them if you can.

    I would also make sure you send recorded delivery and taks pics or a video of the dress before sending then email to yourself as evidence of it's condition. 

    Also be sure to move the money out of PayPal into your bank as soon as you can :)
  • Thank you for the reply! Their feedback is almost perfect as both a buyer and a seller, and im hoping as a seller too they appreciate the fear i probably have so they wouldn't want to scam me. 

    Ive tried to message them to arrange delivery as i want to use DPD but they havent come back to me with a date, even though they've since been online to pay for the item. 

    Really appreciate your tips, thanks! 
  • Gem88Gem88 Posts: 17 New bride
    No problem :) ahh you should be sound if they have good feedback as a buyer and seller then. Hope it all goes smoothly for you
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