How long to take off before wedding??

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How much annual leave are you all taking before the wedding? I want enough time off to get everything done but not enough that I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs! Holiday calendar at work opens in January so want to book in quick.

We get married on a Sunday and I'm doing my own flowers so was thinking of taking Thursday & Friday off before the wedding - Thursday to get flowers delivered & condition them and get eyebrows done plus pack up boxes for venue, Friday to arrange flowers, then on Saturday deliver flowers and other stuff to venue and get nails done.

We have the week after booked off anyway for our minimoon.

Does this sound realistic? Have I forgotten anything?

I have a son so I always have to conserve as much annual leave as possible to cover preschool holidays etc, plus we are hoping to go on honeymoon in late 2019 if possible.

I've provisionally booked the whole week off before the wedding but I don't really want to use that much if possible.


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    We married on the Saturday and I had off from the previous Monday until the Wednesday after.
    This worked well for me but mostly because all those little final appointments were all on different days
  • mines ages away but i was thinking of having the Wednesday -Friday off. O~ours is a Sunday too, but i just thought it means i have time to chill out as well as get final bits ready, and our mini moon will be after (but taking advantage of a bank hol weekend) So in total ill have 7 days leave but 9 days off. 

    If you want to save hol for other things i think Thursday and Friday is alright, but you might find you don't have much time where you can just suit for an afternoon and relax. 
  • I took two days off before (mine was on a Saturday) and to be honest I could definitely have done with longer. I ended up running out of time and had to cancel a few beauty appointments I had scheduled, because once my guests started landing, being sociable took up a lot of my time.

    If your wedding is on the Sunday I think you could probably get away with taking Wednesday - Friday off. That will give you four days pre-wedding to get everything sorted. I think that's probably ideal.
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    My wedding was on a Sunday and I took from the Wednesday off and the following week and I found that was a good amount of time, enough to get everything done but not so I was really hectic, managed to find some down time as well.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,609 New bride
    Thanks ladies! Will maybe take from Wednesday off then.
    Coffee, I have a toddler, I haven't sat for an afternoon and relaxed for over 3 years, I wouldn't know what to do 😂
    I also have no intention of seeing guests before the wedding, most will only come down the morning of anyway. We are planning on MAYBE having brunch the day after with people who have stayed over. We have invited 4 international guests but I doubt they will come tbh! I'm not very sociable and get social anxiety so the wedding day itself will be quite enough for me!
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 692 New bride
    I was off for the whole week thinking I would have time to relax but I didn't! I had a lot of appointments plus I also had DIY bits like the flowers. Better to overestimate if possible!
  • I’m getting married Easter Saturday and currently have the whole week before off but am pondering cancelling the Monday & Tuesday. Will definitely be off from the Wednesday as the in laws are arriving to help with last minute preparations and I won’t have to use Good Friday as annual leave so that’s only two days. I’m also taking the whole week after off even if we don’t go anywhere. Honeymoon hopefully later in the year.
  • As you want to conserve your leave for time with your little one, I'd say 2 (3 at most) off would be plenty.  I took one day off before my wedding last time, and even though I did not DIY anything, one day was def not enough. Do you have a bunch of beauty appointments or appointments to pick things up? Do you have helpers to help pick things up?  If you have help, or don't have a bunch of appointments, I'd say two days would be enough.
    I, too, would not want to have too much time on my hands, I think it would make me more anxious.  I'd also be irritated with myself for wasting a day off.
  • I’m taking the Wednesday-Friday off as I’m getting married on a Saturday. I was only going to take the Friday off but changed my mind as I don’t want to panic that I won’t have time. I think if you I want to conserve your holiday then the Thursday and Friday may be ideal, especially as you’re getting married on a Sunday so you’ll still have 3 days before the wedding, and it depends on how much you’ll have to do in that time.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,609 New bride

    Kitty, I think the only appointments I will have will be eyebrows and nails, I'm not a very girly girl and won't be having eyelashes/fake tan or anything like that done. Other than that it's just sorting the flowers and collecting the cake. I've got a good idea of flower timescales as I did my brother's wedding, and mine is smaller! The venue are letting me keep the flowers in their cellar overnight then they will put them out for me.

    One of my bridesmaids has offered to take the Friday off before the wedding to help me too, and I'll have my partner available Friday/Saturday and his parents available on the Saturday, as well as my parents who are both retired local, so I have plenty of people to call if I need anything collecting etc!

    We are also BH weekend, so I have the day after the wedding off automatically which is nice, and we are definitely having that week off as we are planning to go to Ireland.

    I might just book Wed/Thurs/Fri off, and then if nearer the time I'm fairly sorted I can cancel the Wednesday x

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    I finished work on the Tuesday, and got married on the Saturday.  I definitely needed it, as we had so many last minute little bits we needed to do, and also people started arriving on the Thursday so it got a little bit nuts.  By taking the Wed, Thurs and Fri, I had a bit more time to do things, and didn't feel as stressed.  
  • I think you have a good plan in place.  I'd be worried about the flowers, but as you've done this before, it sounds like you have it under control!
  • My wedding was on a Friday and I worked the Monday & Tuesday because I can only take 2 weeks AL at a time and we wanted to use that after the wedding for our honeymoon. I found having just 2days off before fine for us. It was busy but everything got done and most of the Thursday was spent having nails, going to the hotel and then having a meal with all the family. It can definatley be done in 2days if your organised. 
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    I finish on Friday!!! But we have xmas and New Year inbetween.  I'm counting the 2 and 3 Jan as official wedding days off. 2nd is for nails and 3rd set up. Wedding is 4th, brunch/drinks 5th and back to work 7th x
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