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Sunbeds questions...

Right ladies,

I’ve used sunbeds before a few years ago, for the life of me I can’t recall how long I started at, how long for my tan to develop and what lotions I used.  

Both of my dresses for the big day are backless, so I’d like a nice even tan to give me a healthy glow and hide my farmers tan (owning horses sounds fun until you get the inevitable farmers tan and awfully pale legs) 

My wedding is 18 months away so I’m in no rush at all, I just want to know plenty of time in advance the following;

For a June wedding when would I begin tanning? Desired effect would be a relatively dark tan not just a base and a slight glow.

How many minutes to start at? The beds are lie down as it’s too far to travel to use stand up ones from my home.  I don’t burn all that easily I have dark hair and a slightly olive skin tone.

How many times a week would you suggest? 

What lotions do people fine speed a tan up but have absolutely no false tan in them? Detest false tan as it never matches my rather odd skin tone so would have to use a completely clear lotion to speed up the process.  


Ps. I’m aware of the damage they can do to skin, but I find having a tan helps my confidence and anxiety also the UV rays help my depression which to me really does mean the world.  Also a tan hides my self harm scars.  So the pros far outweigh the cons for me. 



  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    I'd just go in a salon and ask.  I know I only need a quick blast for some colour but for dark probably a few sessions.

    Remember it will look darker next to your dress so I'd not go too dark. 
  • I'm currently contemplating doing the same.  (I also know the risks, but where we currently live, it's winter about 7 months a year.  This weekend's low temp will be -19C to put it in perspective.)

    The tanning salon I used to frequent has 3 levels of beds.  I don't think that's terribly uncommon these days. They call them the "Fast, Faster, and Fastest" beds and charge more for the faster ones.  You also get tan faster and spend less time in the bed.  I can't recall, but I believe the MAX time in the slowest bed is 20 minutes and the MAX time in the fastest bed is like 7 minutes.  The max times are achievable after weeks of regular sessions.  Starting times are something like 3 minutes.  The best approach to starting is to ASK.  The technicians are trained to look at your starting skin and help you start on a bed, in a timeframe that will not burn you.  They can also recommend to you when you can start increasing your times.  I found that if I went about 3 times a week, I could up my minutes just a couple each week.   I'd say it took me about 3 months to achieve a really nice looking tan.  

    I used to use a lotion with bronzers in it, so unfortunately can't advise on that.  What's available here is likely not available where you are anyway.  Just be sure to purchase whatever lotion you decide upon from either a tanning salon or a tanning bed supplier company.  You probably remember this, but you can't use regular tanning lotions in the beds.  I believe those products not only will fail to work properly with the beds, but they must damage the equipment in some way as well, because the salons get very upset if they find that you've been using the wrong kind.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 776 New bride
    Hey! It all depends on what beds you use really.  I used to use stand up beds which ranged from 3-12 minutes and would go on 2-3x per week before holiday etc.

    some lie down beds you need longer on them (depending on the shop) but from my experience with the tanning shop then they recommended a minimum of 9 minutes and I think they went up to 18! 

    For my August wedding I’m going to start the beds in May, but I’m pale so it’ll be slow and steady. If you’re olive skinned you probably won’t need as long? 

    I think ask the shop about creams etc as you can use a tingle cream which makes you tan quicker or there’s just your normal ones that I think are all slightly different. 

    Hope this helps! 
    Ps-love the detail on your lace dress! 
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