Civil Ceremony!


I was wondering if someome could advise me we are under 3 months to go and reality is setting in! Ha 

I wanted to ask about the wedding form you have to complete before the ceremony if you are having a civil ceremony. Does anyone know if you have to write your vows on it as I haven't quite finished mine and I don't want to rush it! 

I'm hoping we don't have to so I can have some more time with it! Hope someone can advise! 

Thank you 


  • Yes, youbhabe to.sumbit the vows to the registrar as they need to see them before the wedding to make sure they're within guidelines. You could ask when they need the form back though, our registrar is 2 weeks before.
  • Thank you! Ohh gosh I need to get cracking! We need to do ours 8 weeks before! 
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