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Small wedding... big party

After learning so much from reading your fantastic posts I thought I should start one of my own! So here goes...

How we met
We met nearly 14 years ago (wow, where did that time go!) by being introduced by mutual friends and then saw each other a couple of times more in the year before eventually going on an official date almost a year later - so we have been together for around 13 years. We obviously don't like to rush things. Although having said that we ended up living together after about 6 months after our first date - lol!

Even though it took us a while to get together - we then fell for each other very quickly and have barely had many nights apart since. It probably sounds very silly but I think we both knew that we'd found the 'one' - bit soppy there (sorry)  ;)

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  • wedscotwedscot Posts: 43 New bride
    The proposal

    We visit Scotland for holidays quite a lot and it is a place we both love and it was during our holiday there last August, that J proposed on a beach on bended knee - with our dog wondering what the hell was going on  :)
    He always said that he would ask me to marry him before I was 40 - I never realised it was going to be just a few days before! Yes I'm going to be an older bride - anyone know of a cure for wrinkles and grey hair - lol

    Anyway it was a lovely day - with rainbows, a beautiful walk, some of our favourite birds and wildlife, and us a very excited pair! 

    What we hadn't quite grasped is how much excitement it would also cause everyone else too - much screaming and asking when the wedding was going to happen - just a few hours after the proposal! So we entered the mad world of weddings...
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  • wedscotwedscot Posts: 43 New bride
    Here's my ring. He choose it himself and as he knows I hate gold, it is a platinum ring with a princess cut diamond. He had a little help from my mum who he'd let in on the secret beforehand, as he asked my mum and dad's permission.

    Excuse my fingers!

    And this is our 'engagement beach'

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  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Welcome and congrats! Gorgeous ring, and that beach is just stunning.
  • cs2thecoxcs2thecox Posts: 260 New bride
    Whoop - another new thread! :) Welcome!!

    Love the beach proposal - looks glorious.
    And I'm 38... there are plenty of sensible-aged brides around on here ;)
  • wedscotwedscot Posts: 43 New bride
    The wedding
    We'd always talked about having a small wedding in Scotland - so now we had the difficult job of telling our friends and family!

    We wanted to get married where we had our first holiday together on an estate near Loch Linnhe about an hour from Fort William with the intention of just having 4 guests each and our dog. So we were expecting ructions from family and dreaded telling people. But thankfully and amazingly it has gone fine - phew!

    Although we do get some strange looks and comments when we tell work colleagues, etc 'Are you scottish?' No. 'That seems a lot of hassle', etc etc. But we can live with that.

    J isn't religious at all and couldn't stand the thought of marrying in a church but we didn't really want a registry office or hotel room either. And our budget won't stretch to a big wedding in a castle or anything like that.

    We didn't want to leave getting married too long, so we wanted it in 2019 and have ended up with Tuesday 28th May 2019. So we are having our parents, J's sister and brother-in-law, our niece (who has also nominated herself as a flowergirl  ;) ) and my mum's sister (my auntie who is also my godmother) and her husband my uncle. Hopefully the last 2 will be able to come, she has some mobility difficulties and we didn't know if they would say yes - but they have so far.  Plus we have our dog, as 'dog of honour' too!

    We have our accommodation booked in the self-catering cottages on the estate and the registrar booked in, so we can either get married in the main house there if it is wet or outside (hopefully - fingers crossed), and then we will have the meals in the main house.

    Here is the house:

    Image result for kingairloch

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  • Rin NightRin Night Posts: 167 New bride
    Loving this so far! That house! :love: Gorgeous! Also "Dog of honour" is the sweetest!
    Remember, when stressed, simply channel your inner Bridechilla: Take a sand bath, munch some veggies, then chew on a wooden stick... wait... no... that's a Chinchilla... 

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  • It all looks lovely! and your ring is gorgeous. Looking forward to reading more!
  • I love it so far!! Sounds so cute and personal, its so lovely to see people just doing what makes them happy!
  • Dress shopping

    Dress shopping was a bit of a nightmare and I was dreading it! I'm not very 'girly', so being thrown into all this very 'girly' stuff is a challenge!

    I had not preconception of what I wanted or what would suit me and my clothes tend to be on the quirky side of things and certainly very little pastel/white shades. I'd been buying a couple of bridal magazines to try and get inspiration and me and J had some great fun playing guess how much this dress costs from him looking at the pictures. Wow how they vary in price!

    To start with I booked an appointment at a bridal shop we had heard about for years. None of the being given bubbles, as you're led to believe happens from the TV (!), but we found ourselves in a room with a couple of rows of shades of cream dresses and asked to pick out what we liked to try on.

    As it turned out the shop was potentially moving premises so they didn't have as much stock in as usual. But we gamely choose 6 in a variety of styles and through this we discovered I was definitely an A-line girl (thanks for those large hips mum!  :)). Most of them were so pale and as I'm quite pale I looked like a ghost! Plus being a short thing, I was swamped with material. Thankfully the shop lady was very nice.

    There was one darker cream dress that would have been OK with a rose design on it, but it didn't feel like "the one". But that first experience at least did confirm to me that I was seeking some colour.
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  • Dress shopping continued...

    I called a few shops trying to get appointments and managed to get an appointment at 1, but others didn't answer the phone. I really wanted to get a couple, as we were going to be travelling an hour to get there and as fate would have it the one that sounded better, called back and I managed to secure an appointment there too. Phew!

    The first appointment on that Saturday was another disaster. It was another shop full of pale dresses, many very sparkly and not me. I felt really uncomfortable in them. I couldn't wait to leave! I was starting to feel that a wedding dress wasn't meant to be and maybe I should just go to a normal shop and buy a normal dress.

    But when we went to the third shop (the one that had made the effort to call me back), it was a different story. The lady there was encouraging, we were made to feel welcome and not hurried into making decisions. In fact I think our appointment lasted 1.5 hours - we tried on so many from both their sale and order range. She even let us try veils and accessories with them to get a full picture.

    There was one dress that I was instantly drawn to - with some colour, just like I'd hoped for and once I tried it on there was no going back. It is oyster in colour - a sort of pink/beige with an ivory lace overlay, which we tried with a pearl bridal belt. Even better as it was coming to the end of being available - they offered to sell me the sample I'd been trying on at a discount - bonus! Still a bit more expensive than I hoped for, but at least a bit cheaper than I thought it would be.

    I don't have pictures of me in it unfortunately, as the shop doesn't allow that but I do have pictures of it that they sent me so that I have an idea for my flowergirl dresses, etc.



    I need to get it shorted when I go back for my fittings in the next couple of months and I might take some of the volume out of the skirt, as it's a bit wider than suits for my height - unless I have a full on attack of princess before now and then :)

    I'm getting the lace bolero with it but could wear it without if I wanted to. I think my lack of confidence may have me wearing it rather than worrying about any issues with it being strapless!

    Can't wait to see it again in the flesh when I go for fittings :smiley:
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  • WirfleWirfle Posts: 25 New bride
    That ring is gorgeous. I struggled with dresses too having never been married or have any pre conceptions of what I want. I'm so glad you found what you like.
  • We are also not Scottish but choosing to marry in Scotland (next to Loch Lomond) and our wedding is just the day before yours. I cannot wait to read the rest of your planning! 
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