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Scottish Wedding Fairs - are they worth visiting???

Just Googled Scottish wedding fairs and realised there are a few coming up very soon. Has anyone been before and did you find it useful/worthwhile? Are some better than others?

I'm tempted to go to them all but struggling to fit them in my diary so trying to prioritise the best ones  :)


  • I think I've been to most :p 
    Which ones are you thinking of going to?
    I've enjoyed most of them for different reasons. I'd say The Scottish Wedding Show is brilliant for ideas, there's SO many suppliers etc that it can get a bit overwhelming and is usually really busy but it's a nice buzz and, like I said, there's tonnes of choice. What I chose to do was visit the Exhibitor List on the SWD website beforehand and look at all the suppliers in each category that I needed (cake, flowers etc) then go and scour their Facebook/Instagram pages to find out who I liked. Then on the day, most suppliers will offer a 10% or so discount if you book them there and then so you can save yourself some pennies if, after your research, you find someone you would have booked anyway!
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    I'm not in Scotland, but the only thing I found wedding fairs useful for was being able to go and have a nose at some venues without arranging a formal appointment. In terms of other suppliers, you won't find anything at a wedding fair that you can't from Google, and I didn't use any suppliers at all that I met at wedding fairs to be honest.
  • Depending on your taste, I think the Wedding Collective markets are really nice. If you're looking for something a little more flexible or off-beat than traditional suppliers then they're a really good shout, some amazing indie suppliers there, we found our photographer and caterers there and they are incredible. The Scottish Wedding Show - I used to work on this and even as a non-b2b I found it quite overwhelming, I've not actually gone along to one since we got engaged as I think it would terrify me! It is good if you go with a plan in mind, otherwise I think it's quite overwhelming to just browse without knowing what you're looking for x
  • Thanks everyone for the useful tips! It is the Scottish Wedding Show at the SECC I’m considering and the Wedding Fair at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh.

    Very new to everything (and excited) at the moment so just going for inspiration as we’re probably not in a position to make bookings yet. Not set a date or even visited any venues.

    Is the catwalk show at the Scottish Wedding Show work the extra ticket? I’m hoping to see some dresses. 
  • I've been to The Scottish Wedding Show and would highly recommend it! The atmosphere is great, lots to see and you can get some great ideas. Lots of free magazines, notebooks, pens, cookies etc to collect too lol. Catwalk is worth the extra ticket in my opinion, lots of different style dresses, bridesmaid dresses, suits, kilts, mother of bride outfits, flower girls, usher boys outfits and its really well put together. There is also lots of bridal stores showing dresses as you walk round that you can try on and sift through too. Even if you don't plan on using any vendors you meet there its great for inspiration and a great start.

    The way is see it is I'm only engaged once (hopefully haha) so might as well throw myself right in and enjoy it all while it lasts!

    Haven't been to the Corn Exchange Edinburgh one yet, missed it last week as I was away on business but plan on going when they do it again. Did go to the one at Murrayfield though and it was terrible... it was poorly organised and felt like it was just thrown together. It was crammed in and was hard to pass by people and chat to vendors. 
  • I've recently been to a wedding fair at our venue and found it really useful. The local registrar's were there handing out packs with all the paperwork needed, I'm having a minister conduct our wedding ceremony, but we still need to submit the form, collect the marriage schedule etc, I found this information fantastic as she was able to advise on timeframes etc as well. It's also great to interact with local suppliers, as you may pick up some ideas that you hadn't considered. I thoroughly enjoyed the one I went to, and there was no hard sell by any of the exhibitors either.

    Good luck! :)
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